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SpaceTeam: Collaboration through gaming...really cool

bcontext: Interactive Whiteboard...Make and share presentations...Flipped lecturing an

Skitch: Screen grab and annotate what you take a pic with...Owned by Evernote now!!!!!!!!!

Drafts: Note taking app that allows you to share them EVERYWHERE! Really great if you have

multiple social media account and want to send things out often between all of those account

Zipgrade: Scan your answer key, then grade your students work...From your PHONE!

Notability: Awesome app for creating digital notes and using multisensory learning to engage all

levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.  Also got a great plug from an audience member.

Aurasma: Augmented reality app.  Stick your flipped lectures to a still image.

Chirp: Send messages through sound to anyone with the app.

Mailbox: Mail app...lots of swipes and easy action to move your mail.

Sock Puppets: Create sock puppet shows with your voice.

Rocket Speller: Spelling through gaming with Aliens..and great visuals  1-5 grades

Todo Math: Great visuals and gaming for math in the lower grade levels.

Adobe Reader or Sign easy: Create certificates and sign things electronically like

Guided Access: Lock down an iPad

Checklist: Get things done and check things of your list

Teachers.io: Like schoology kinda sorta

Knowmia:  Interactive whiteboard style app

Doceri: digital whiteboard app for iPad

Office2 HD: Like Google apps. works with your cloud data!