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RHMS Counselors

Mrs. Barnwell - 6th Grade

Mrs. Bragg - 7th Grade

Mrs. Hilliard - 8th Grade

Ms. Hughes - All Grades 

Mrs. Imler - Military Counselor 

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RHMS Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the Richmond Hill Middle School Counseling Program is to provide all students a comprehensive counseling program. Students will equally be encouraged to pursue academic rigor and promoted to be academically and behaviorally successful, self-motivated, and respectful members of their community. School counselors will partner with administrators, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders to advocate for and ensure access, excellence, and success for all students to excel academically, personally, and socially.

RHMS Counseling Vision Statement

Students at Richmond Hill Middle School empower themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve academic, social and emotional, and career success, and to reach their fullest potential as respectful, responsible citizens in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world. All students will gain knowledge and skills through a rigorous curriculum preparing them for excellence and success in high school and postsecondary institutions.

Mrs. Barnwell - jbarnwell@bryan.k12.ga.us

Mrs. Bragg - mbragg@bryan.k12.ga.us

Mrs. Hilliard - nhilliard@bryan.k12.ga.us 

Ms. Hughes - lhughes@bryan.k12.ga.us

Richmond Hill Middle School Military and Family Life Counseling

          Due to the unique challenges faced by military families, the Department of Defense provides professional, licensed counselors who offer short term,  solution-focused counseling to service members and their families. Military and Family Life Counselors serve each branch of the military service at every installation around the world, at no cost to families. MFLC services help Service Members and Family Members cope with normal reactions to the varied stressors of military life, enhancing lives and boosting military readiness

          Counseling services are available to any student with a military parent, or any military family requesting assistance. Services are private and confidential, with the exception of child abuse/neglect, domestic abuse, and other duty-to-warn situations. Typical issues the Counselor addresses include; school adjustment, stress management and coping skills, anger management and conflict resolution skills, deployment and reintegration issues, parenting, behavioral concerns, fear, grief, and loss. NOTE: Parents must sign a consent form (below) before the MFLC counselor can talk with the child.

Ms. Imler is the military counselor for RHMS and is in the  Media Center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For more information about MFLC services call (912)271-9725.

Parent Consent Form

MFLC Program Brochure