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Police:  112

Ambulance: 112

Medical Help

  1. EngenderHealth
    Offers healthcare resources and reproductive health support for women.
    Address: Hasan Abdullayev 10, apt.12, Baku, Azerbaijan
    Phones: 492-95-16, 437 13 07
    Fax: 492-95-16
  2. BUTA Humanitarian Children`s Foundation
    Offers psycho-social rehabilitation for women and children in need.
    Address: 7, Gusi Gadjiyev St., apt.#13, Baku
    Phone: 92-54-67;

Legal Help

  1. American Bar Association Central and East European Legal Initiative
    Offers Legal assistance, education and aid for women, and works for the emancipation of women.
    Address: Baku-1004: 97, Neftchilar Av., apt.#23
    Phones: 4972078/9; 4473818
    Fax: 4971396

Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing and Emergency Aid)

  1. Clean World Aid to Women Social Union
    Provides assistance for women in the form of shelter, and offers a national helpline.
    Address: Mammad Efendiyev str. 7, apart. 15, AZ 1010 Baku        
    Phone: +994 553 143 515
  2. Ichthus Center
    Offers food aid, clothing, and art therapy classes.
    Address: 66 Ozan St.,Ganja
    Tel: 6-02-04;
    Fax: (89522) 6-02-04;
  3. Ichthus Center
    Offers food aid, clothing, and art therapy classes.
    Address: c/o International Learning Center,12, Zargar Palan St., Baku.
    Tel: 6-02-04
  4. Fax: (89522) 6-02-04;
  5. Global CARE
    Offers food aid and medical care and equipment for those in need.
    Address: 32a Mirbashir Gasimov St., Ganja
    Phone: 6-02-05
  6. Benevolence International Foundation (BIF)
    Offers food and non-food distribution, relief assistance and rehabilitative assistance.
    Address: 69, Bashir Safar Oglu
    Phone: 94-49-90;
    Fax: 94-49-90;

Education and Empowerment

  1. Azerbaijan Women and Development Center (AWDC)
    Offers education, training, research, monitoring on Reproductive Health and Family Planning, Safety motherhood and breast-feeding, food and non-food distribution. Psycho-social rehabilitation, income generations for IDPs and local vulnerable groups in the urban and rural disricts, peace culture and peace making activities.  
    Address:  Baku: 3/6 S.Rustamov St.,
    Phone: 92-79-20; 92-80-17; 67-21-39; Fax: 97-20-73;98-32-35
  2. Ertegha Salamat Jame’s NGO (Society Health Promotion NGO)
    Provides Counselling, Health Education, Prevention, Training, Sustainable Livelihood / Alternative Development, Prevention of Substance Abuse, Training on Stress Management, Violence and Communication skills for Women.
    Address: Emam Ave, Before Abresan Ave, First Floor of Pastor Clinic, Number 01, Unite Number 4, Tabriz
    Phone: +98 (411)3361054
  3. Azerbaijan Feminist Group 
    Provides education, legal assistance and psycho-social assistance for women who have faced and survived violence.
    Address: 28 May St. 3 Apt.11 Baku 370014 Azerbaijan
    Telephone: (994 50) 310 32 48
    Fax: (994 12) 93 80 71 (994 12) 90 83 20