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Feedback from participants of BBFC 2017
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Nicky Bardaxoglou (Five-a-side Anderlecht, Belgium): I have no words to thank you for the best tournament in Europe. Respect and congrats to you.

Asamea Keravnos (Greece): “On behalf of the greek team Asamea KERAVNOS, we would like to thank all the people involved in the organization of this exceptional tournament. Since we are a quite new and young team, it was our first international tournament. However almost all of us are also players in the Greek National Team... And we can definitely say that this tournament was better organized and more enjoyable than many (if not all) of the tournaments and championships organized even by IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation). Not only from an athletic point of view, but also as a holistic experience. We were all amazed by every small or big detail. The bottles with our names, the instructions for everything that were translated in our own language and also in Braille, the box full of fruit and chocolates every day in our dressing rooms, the referees, the speakers, the very qualitative online streaming, the pool,the food, the whole atmosphere, everything... And of course the organizers that lost their sleep and probably enjoyed nothing in order for us to find everything working perfectly and enjoy ourselves! Additionally, all the teams consisted of nice, happy and friendly people that made this whole tournament not only a sports event but also a meet-together event that you enjoyed participating not only as an athlete but also as a human being.

Everything was perfect. Especially for our young players it was like taking a child to Disneyland! And this is the most important... That you made these people so happy and you gave them an once-in-a-lifetime experience (until next bbfc!) that they will always remember and that will motivate them even more to play football... Once again we want to thank all the people involved in the organization of this magnificent tournament and especially the amazing Jitka and Buky who literally touched their limits so that we can enjoy everything from the first to the last second...

We really hope that this tournament will become an institution and will keep giving all these people (including us hopefully!) even more happiness and unforgettable experiences! And of course we hope that they will be able to find money easier and easier every year so that they can spend their time mainly on the organization of the tournament and not on fundraising activities... It is time for them to also enjoy the tournament and not only watch it afterwards in replay...

Once again thanks for everything... It was amazing... We hope to see you all again next year!

Jana Baštová (Primary School Bučovice Školní 710): Hello everybody ;-) I’m not sure why but whenever I look at the pitch, I feel nostalgic and I can’t help looking forward to seeing you all again next year. I hope everything went well for you and everyone was happy. It’s really impressive that you can organise such a huge event being so few. I know how many efforts and how much time it takes. Thank you for such a beautiful sports and personal experience and also for the wine!

Natacha Theys (Five-a-side Anderlecht, Belgium): Thanks a billion for this wonderful tournament! Tomáš and Jitka, you made again a extraordinary job! Mockrát děkuji to all the team of Avoy MU Brno! I'm back home (since monday) and my head is still full of dreams and unforgettable memories. BBFC is the only place I know where I feel so many beautiful emotions at once and where I also feel surrounded by the spirit of blindfootball: generousity, friendship, fairplay, happiness, laughs, passion, joy, sharing experiences and so much more... It's a magic adventure, with lovely people!

Thanks to all my teammates, to all the other teams: players, keepers, coaches and guides, to all the volunteers, the commentators, the photographers, the great referees, the organisers, ... you made it fabulous ! I already miss all of you!

Mark Blake (MIK Sound, Sweden): GREAT JOB also to the whole team for a perfect organization. On behalf of Mälarhöjdens IK (MIK) Sound we’d like to thank you all for a fun and extraordinarily rich learning experience. Not only was this our first tournament, these four games are the first full games we’ve ever played :-)

You're always welcome to visit Stockholm (our pitch is just 10km from the city centre) and we look forward to meeting up again to further develop - together - the magical world of 5-a-side. Tack and game on!

Michael Piecq (referee, Belgium): Our referee team is back home. BBFC is an amazing tournament, where sparkles of magic come to life. Don't tell your dreams, let them feel. 

Keryn Seal (former captain of England national squad): This year I had the honour of attending my 2nd ever BBFC. I was sad that my England contract stopped me from attending the first 3 editions. But edition 4 in 2016 was my first experience of this wonderful tournament, when I represented Worcester with several of my England team mates. We were happy to win this tournament. But even more happy to be part of this football event with a festival atmosphere.

This year I was honoured to be invited to play with the Avoy MU Brno team in the 5th edition of BBFC. This was a new and exciting experience for me that I had been looking forward to for over half a year. Being part of a Czech club in a tournament held in Czech Republic was an experience unlike anything I had found in all my years of sport. To find myself in this situation I felt very happy and honoured to be part of this club.

We went in to the tournament with dreams of possibly winning or being in the final. As it came to be, we did neither of these and eventually finished 6th. But some of the team performances and support from the home crowd left me with huge feelings of pride and warmth that will last longer than a winners medal ever would.

I have known Jitka Graclikova for over 8 years now. She impressed me at the start, and continues to impress me with her passion and attention to detail. But the team she has built around the organisation for this tournament is equally impressive. The hard work, dedication, passion, and warmth shown by every member of this organising and volunteer team is nothing short of breathtaking. It speaks volumes for the sport of blind football, the BBFC event, and Jitka herself, that these people want to give their time and expertise to this tournament every year.

There seems to be a new innovation or little touch that is put in place to make each BBFC a little different. I can’t wait to see what they do for 2018 already. In conclusion this tournament was a fantastic experience for me both on and off the pitch. Too many times in my career I have regretted not socialising with the opposition. In this tournament I can say that was not a regret. I shared some great experiences with players and coaches from all over Europe and South America. And I also became very close to my Avoy team mates indeed. I look forward to 2018!

Five-a-side Anderlecht, Belgium: Infinite thanks to Tomáš Bukovský and Jitka Graclíková for organising this wonderful tournament. A competition full of joy, passion and emotion... there is simply no other place in the world where one can enjoy blind football as much as in the BBFC. Shoutouts to all the volunteers, referees, photographers, guides, players, teams... just to anyone involved, for the incredible job you all did!

Maurizio Valgolio (commentator, Hannover, Germany): Big Thanks for this extraordinary weekend to all of you!

Tomáš Ergens (spectator): I wanted to tell you it was an amazing experience. A total explosion of emotions and such thrill!!! The event was brilliantly organized and it went so smoothly… well, I was thrilled to bits. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and good luck with everything :)

Aleexis Richir (Five-a-side Anderlecht, Belgium): Hello Jitka, I would like to thank you for this extraordinary job and warm welcome, as each year we arrive in Bučovice. This tournament is truly the most beautiful all around the world and we are so happy to be its winners. I wish the best to you and the whole club from Brno because you deserve it. Hope to see you next year.

Tyniecka Krakow, Poland: We would like to thank so much to team Avoy MU Brno, Jitka, Tomáš and each one person who made last weekend in Bučovice become two great blind football days. We think that BBFC should change name to Bučovice Champions League. It was great privilege and fantastic feeling to be a part of fifth edition of this cup! We would like to congratulate to all teams which took part in tournament. It's always good to play with best and learn from best. Hope to se all of you soon and have a chance to play and enjoy blind football!

Christoff Eillers (Five-a-side Anderlecht, Belgium): Again big big thanks for such a tournament because we go to quite a few tournaments and especially myself, I went to many tournaments and BBFC still keeps the best of the best in terms of atmosphere, organization, everything! We know that even if we would end last we would still enjoy very much BBFC. Am soo sooo sooo happy that you said for the first time ever that you are doing it next year!

Peter Goessmann (Blista Marburg, Germany): Dear Jitka, thank you very much for this unforgettable days, you are always welcome in Marburg and in our hearts. Greetings from all of us.

François Carcouët (referee, France): It was a real pleasure to come. This tournament represents the spirit of blind football and I thank you for that, even if I think that the referees are not the most important persons.

Kevin Vanderboght (Five-a-side Anderlecht, Belgium): Thanks to Jitka Graclíková, Tomáš Bukovský and my club from Anderlecht to let me realize my dream to participate in one of the most beautiful tournaments all over the world.

Zdeněk Rybák (ex Avoy MU Brno player): I would like to congratulate you on Bucovice – focusing more on the course of the event rather than on your placement :-) I was watching the live streaming and I have to compliment the commentators, and particularly the British bloke, on their job. Thanks to their exciting/excited comments I even felt tempted to play myself – and nobody else has ever done it yet. Please give them my best regards.

Paddy Haynes (goalie, MIK Sound, Sweden): Amazing weekend and another excellent tournament, that Jitka, Tomáš and the amazing team of Avoy Brno.

Gabriel Mayr (coach, Brazil): I can’t stop smiling in here, looking at the BBFC photos, it is incredible, I wish I was there. I want to get more involved ASAP!

Adriano Bezhani (Asamea Keravnos, Greece): Jitka, Thank you very much for all that we lived in the four-days and for the hospitality! All those days were the wonderful ones!

Michael Hain (FC St. Pauli Hamburg, Germany): Congratulations again for a fantastic tournament with all the beautiful details made out of love! Amazing. Already looking forward for the next one!

Luis Antonio Castañeda Tenjo (Fútbal Ciegos Cundinamarca, Colombia): When we arrived at the Prague airport, a new story for the Colombian football began; we were the first team to ever come to the old continent. We were met by a fellow countryman and a Czech representative. We soon got to the hotel in Bucovice, which was really cosy.

The next day in the morning, we finally got to meet Jitka, the person who has always believed in us and never hesitated to give us a friendly helping hand. It was amazing. Also, it was very important that we could get to know the local environment and atmosphere before the tournament began. It was great to do a training session right on the pitch where we were about to play for the first time in Europe.  

It was impressive to see all the teams from different European countries gathered on the pitch the first day of the tournament. It was just as great to meet the referees that we had seen live online and to witness the logistics and all the huge efforts that enabled the organization of this international event. There were Latin American people watching the streaming regardless of the different time zone.

We hugely appreciated the portable water kit. It was so easy and practical to carry around. Many players suggested that the fact that the bottles read their names in braille is inclusion and exclusivity at the same time.

It was an honor for us to open the tournament and our semi-final match with the German team was an extraordinary experience. Both teams proved their qualities in the final match. Although we unfortunately lost on penalties, the final ceremony was superb and the medals and the trophy labeled in braille beautiful. Our final evening in the local wine bar restaurant was very pleasant.

Many Colombians and Latin Americans were wowed by the live broadcast. The sound and video quality were very good. We also received many nice messages on YouTube.