Group Guidelines & Rules

Las Vegas Bladder Cancer Support Group

  1. Respect Confidentiality
  2. Do no vent or complain about Health Care Institutions or Providers
  3. Do not share membership lists outside of support members
  4. Do share information that offers support to individuals or the entire group
  5. If members desire anonymity or prefer to listen, respect their wishes
  6. Have empathy for the support group members, including family and friends
  7. Encourage positive comments, feedback and support
  8. Be open to suggestions and ideas
  9. Avoid being judgmental about members or their comments
  10. Recognize that the success of this group depends on each member
  11. Feel free to recruit new members (family and friends are welcome)
  12. Help keep the communication channel open
  13. Let us know how we can constantly improve the’s a process
  14. Do not rely on a few to do all of the work, everyone has unique talents

Questions? Email Don or Teri