#58 - Into the Nexus: “Title”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

I created a monster.


Super into gazlowe this week.

Full Map pool is back.

Grats to the winners

of our Heroes vinyl figure giveaway from last week. From reddit scatterbastard & Freddleton won Arthas and Raynor. And from Patreon.com/ITN, Xetoris and Matthew Lucas won Kerrigan and Tyrael.


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One Week Since Patch

Biggest Negative Change:

Brightwing - Down 11.2%

Anub’arak - Down 8.5%

The Lost Vikings - Down 6.1%

Illidan - Down 5.4%

Sylvanas - Down 3.4%

Biggest Positive Change:

Malfurion - Up 5.3%

Stitches - Up 4.6%

Muradin - Up 4.5%

Uther - Up 4.0%

Lili - Up 3.8%

Top Heroes:

Jaina - 55.9%

Nazeebo - 55.2%

Johanna - 54.3%

Murky - 52.3%

Kael’thas - 53.0%

Lowest Win Heroes:

Tassadar - 41.9%

Stitches - 42.9%

Illidan - 44.0%

E.T.C. - 44.5%

Brightwing - 45.3%


One Week with the Butcher


Trikslyr: So, the interaction discussed here is indeed a bug and will be fixed with an upcoming patch. The Butcher should not be tracking stealth heroes if they weren't originally within his cast range.

Do note: The Butcher is supposed to continue charging after heroes that have actionable escape mechanics. Examples: Sylvanas' Haunting Wave or Zeratul's Blink.

Thanks for the report!

Trikslyr on “Butcher OP” complaints

Trikslyr gave hard stats on The Butcher’s first week:

To complaints that the Butcher is Uncounterable Trikslyr said:

Chain CC is not the only way to counter it. Stepping out of the Butcher's Auto Attack Range is a hard counter. Sometimes to win a fight, you must not fight.

Obviously not everything is as black and white as what I stated above, but stating the Butcher's Brand requires pure crowd control to beat is simply incorrect. It can be helpful, though!”


Map Hackers

The above Ruthless Onslaught bug sent people on a witch hunt for Map Hackers.

Maphacking Kael’thas

Maphacking Nova

Official Response:

Cheating and using hacks while playing Heroes of the Storm or any Blizzard game will not be tolerated. These actions undermine the spirit of fair competition that’s essential to play on Battle.net, and can lead to stability and performance issues with the service. In Heroes of the Storm, cheaters ruin the competitive atmosphere not only for their opponents, but for their allies as well.

We recently suspended numerous accounts and issued permanent bans to Heroes of the Storm players who were found to be in violation of the Battle.net Terms of Use for cheating and/or using hack programs.

As always, maintaining a stable, safe, and secure online gaming experience is a top priority for us. We'll continue to keep a close eye on cheating in Heroes of the Storm and stamp out offending accounts to uphold the integrity of the game.

You can see an example of the email that a banned player receives:

Example of Email Received :
Closure - Heroes of the Storm License Violation: Exploitation/Abuse of Game Mechanics

This includes exploiting game design, advertising exploits to other players, automating any aspect of gameplay, or using an unauthorized cheat program (also known as a hack). These programs provide player benefits normally not achievable in Heroes of the Storm. Such benefits include, but are not limited to, increased map visibility, abuse of connection speed, game crashes, etc. These unauthorized programs harm the competitive environment because they offer an unfair advantage over other players and supersede the intended limits of the game.

The above game license has been closed following this violation of our in-game policies. As the account holder, you are responsible for the activity associated with this game license. The abuse that took place was an unacceptable detriment to other players and the quality of our service as a whole. Even if this is the result of account sharing, the account owner is still be held responsible for the penalty because of the impact it had on the game environment.

No compensation has been provided for real money spent on this account. This action includes a permanent ban on Heroes of the Storm access. If you wish to play Heroes of the Storm you may do so only with a new or separate Battle.net account.

We don't take this decision lightly. Our team issued this closure only after a careful review of relevant evidence. Our support staff will not overturn these closures and may not respond to appeals. For information, see our article: http://www.battle.net/support/article/6741


Customer Support Blizzard Entertainment http://battle.net/support

RioLyte, aka Jeffrey Lin: Lead Game Designer of Social Systems at Riot Games

What was surprising was that after some initial research, we discovered that the majority of toxicity in online communities does not come from a small % of toxic players; in fact, the majority of toxicity came from your everyday neutral or positive players having bad days, or being "triggered" into a toxic behavior.

The second biggest misconception was probably the recent discovery that there was no link between age and toxicity. A lot of people assume that online toxicity is just from "kids" online... but that's far from the truth. It turns out that younger players actually are *more* sensitive to toxicity and report it more often, but older players report less. In addition to this, the two groups did not show any differences in toxicity themselves which dunks on the age old myth that online toxicity is just from kids online.


Kerrigan Changes Incoming

Trikslyr: Just wanted to pop in here and say we hear you on the feedback and have some stuff for her (Kerrigan) in the works! Should be seeing something relatively soon with an upcoming patch.

Kerrigan mains definitely felt the nerf on Envenom and Blood for Blood, so expect some new talents to play around with. Can't say much more than that, but wanted to keep the future bright for you fine folks.


Replays before June 8th Hotfix do not work.

Hotfix addressed some odd issues, but has also removed game data needed to run older replays.

We’ve just deployed a hotfix patch in order to resolve a few issues that cropped up after releasing our latest Heroes of the Storm patch. We will deploy the hotfix for additional regions around the world throughout the day.

Please find today’s complete hotfix notes below.

Bug Fixes


Heroes and Talents


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How to Draft (For Non-Full-Premades)





Brian "TheMasterDS" Doyle

Hey guys

I have thoughts about your discussion on voice chat this week that you guys didn't already get to! I understand that other games have voice chat that's presumed to be the default and I understand that however I think that HOTS should be different. I also think there's value to having it built in if only to avoid all that mucking around telling people to install this, install that, add me here, add me there. Plus you could have things like In Game UI telling you who, precisely, is talking! Imagine a headset icon appearing over Tychus. Now you know who's asking for help if you don't know the voices super duper well!

Anyway I think Heroes should make voice chat opt in only and, furthermore, for parties only. I don't see any point in opening comms to randos in solo queue because who cares? It's solo queue! Your enemies aren't talking either. It all works out!

Additionally, if it was in game, you could tweak the matchmaking to favor matches between miced up teams. There's a difference between a 5 stack of 5 dudes who didn't bother with curse and a 5 stack that has.

Anyway, those were my thoughts. Basically I hope in game voice chat is for parties only and is mostly for convenience and good UI.

Almighty Cow

Hey guys,

Love the show!

Do you have any advice about getting out of rank 40 hell? Everytime I push to 37 or 38, I lose three or four games and get pulled right back down into the firey depths. I remember Kylie mentioning that we're matched according to our personal skill number and I noticed that I'm getting matched with people rank 15-28. If I'm understanding this correctly, this means I'm playing at that level, which is great but shouldn't I be getting matched with other 30s and 40s so I can plow through and get the rank that I deserve? It's very frustrating to play at a higher level but be stuck.

Any advice or insight on this would be very appreciated. Thanks a ton!


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