Metamoon was a grant funded freelance metadata project for the Digital Library of Georgia and Georgia HomePlace. The first collection to be cataloged under this project was the Gainesville Tornado and Hall County Historical Photographs; later projects included the Sanborn Insurance Maps. The project ran from 2005-2007. Photographs and maps were cataloged using LCSH and following established NACO guidelines. A local authority database (NAME) was created as an intermediary between NAF and this project. Generally, the moonlighters assigned between 3-10 subject headings and included names for all places and people, where possible. The NAF was checked prior to creating a new heading; additionally all variant names were traced.

Notes on these documents: I was part of the initial moonlighter group contributing high volumes of records. I was the last of the moonlighters on this project. This body of work (project overview, statistics, metadata analysis) is  taken directly from my emails and project notes. It is provided to demonstrate competency and evidence of work. Names, dates, and other personal identifying information have been redacted. Additionally, supplementary information has been provided in brackets [ ].



RE: Metadata Moonlighting Project

DATE: January 6, 2005

The Digital Library of Georgia is developing a union metadata catalog (META) to provide seamless

searching of collections created by the DLG as well as digital objects created by other

repositories across the state. As a part of the Georgia HomePLACE (Providing Library and Archives

Collections Electronically) initiative funded by an LSTA grant administered through the Georgia

Public Library Service, the DLG has initiated a description project to incorporate into META

digital collections created by public libraries.

The DLG would like to offer an opportunity for UGA catalog librarians to participate in the

effort. Their work would be entirely outside of regular work schedule and in addition to duties

already assigned.

… level of participation in the project is flexible. Work should begin by the end of January 2005 with the first installment of records completed by April 15 and the second by August 30.

Completing the historical photographs of the Hall County Library System (started in the last grant

cycle) is the first project. The images currently reside in a Hyperion(Sirsi)database maintained

by the Hall County Library System. Each photo is described using Dublin Core elements, though they

lack LC subject headings.

The DLG has copied the existing records into the DLG metadata catalog. Metadata Moonlighters will

revise and enhance the records according to DLG specifications, including addition of LC subject

headings, revision of local headings, and addition of DC coverage field.

Subsequently, Metadata Moonlighters will follow a similar process for photographs and oral

histories from the Troup County Archives and, time permitting, for digital objects from other


Please respond if you’d be interested in this and/or subsequent opportunities to participate in

the development of a seamless virtual library on Georgia history and culture.

To see examples of the work from the prior grant cycle: 1) visit the DLG beta site at, 2) click Advanced Search, 3) under Limit by Institution,

select Hall County Library System, and 4) search for desired terms (like “railroad*”).

Sample of quantity of work / statistics

>During this batch of metamoon (Sanborn Insurance Maps for Digital Library of Georgia), I completed metadata work for the following assigned areas (metadata was submitted as xls spreadsheets)::



















>From [another cataloger’s list, who dropped out of the project] list:

>finished Cairo (he did 1/2)






Question No. 2

On the Dublin Sanborn Maps... (1913, Dublin, Ga.)

Georgia Pepsicola Bottling Co.

I am inclined to think this is THE Pepsicola Co. as

"Pepsi" seems a little more unique than cola or even coca cola.

I have mostly (unless I can definitely determine the relationship to the big daddy, Coca Cola in Atlanta) been entering the various colas (lime cola, coca cola, etc.) in just the usual direct order, which seems to follow what others have done.

Spreadsheets finished: Calhoun & Canton

I am holding spreadsheets for Cartersville, Cedartown, Claxton and Dalton because of my 3 question records (Alliance Cotton Co, Standard Oil Co. and Hudson-Essex). I am currently working on Dawson (which also has Standard Oil and Alliance).


August statistics:

>>Number of names established: 215

>>Number of names created: 210

>>Number of name records for names found in the

>>LCNAF: 5

>>Spreadsheets completed: Augusta

-- Robin

Robin Fay, 2013.