Project Title:  Mavericks and ‘New’ Pages Professional Development

Standards Met:  ISTE

5c. Evaluate and reflect on current research and professional practice on a regular basis to make effective use of existing and emerging digital tools and resources in support of student learning.

Enduring Understanding:

Technology is always changing.  Understanding how an upgrade may change my ability to communicate.

Essential Questions:

How will upgrading change the use of technology in my lessons?

How will Teachers and students continue to collaborate?



Evaluate new features of OSX Mavericks and Pages for effective teaching in the classroom.  Reflect on old methods, and improvements and hindrances in the new system.


Learners are participants in discussion, active in manipulation of materials, evaluators of products.


Adult  learners: faculty and administrators.  Each has different interests, communication with students, other faculty, parents, and administrators.

Common interests include Communication, Sharing of Files, Presentation skills.

Each comes with their own capabilities from high to low with technology.


Teachers are in Professional Development session, in a classroom.  Teachers have Macbooks, some upgraded to Mavericks, others have not.  Presentation, Use of Tools, and discussion.  

There is 30 minutes for the lesson, presented 20 times in one week.  


Teachers need to manipulate a new Pages document, to show understanding of sharing and formatting concepts.  Teachers need to export a new pages document to attach to gmail.

Six Facets of Understanding:


Interpret: Learners identify uses for new features to improve communication within the school.  Learners may identify other tools that are used at school, such as Google Docs, that have similar features.


Learners analyze elements of the application Pages or iCloud Pages Beta, to interpret the use of the new features.

Have perspective: Learners investigate about the differences between the older Pages and newer version.  What is gained?


Have self-knowledge: Learners reflect on their understanding of the old operating system and application Pages, vs the new versions.  This reflection is used in a discussion, to assist other learners.