The Basics

Assumed Name:

Tori Farrell

Full Name:

Unknown at this time


Baby girl






Debated (court set at 16 years in Bound, she says 24)

Physical Appearance


6 foot ½ inch

Body Type:







Deep brown to Black, hangs to her rear end in large curls


Numerous – most noted are bite mark on left breast and cut marks that cross her left eye, all given to her by Eddie Farrell


Right shoulder holds a Dragon MC brand / mark, Breast scar is covered by a rose tattoo that bears Michael’s name in Entwined

Any Other Physical Distinctions:

extremely fit

Family Relationships


Taken by the MC at an unknown early age – we do not have any family knowledge or concrete identity

Almost family members:

In Bound - Terry Huffman – employer at the music store Brandon & Sharon Tate – house managers at half-way house

Lindsay (Lins) – close to a sister

In Entwined – Trish and her boys (Chris & Steven)

Reason for closeness:

Terry - taught her how to run a business, and gave her a good male role-model

Tates provided leadership and taught her about living a normal life inside a family unit

Lins – shared past life experience, gave Tori a sense of belonging to our ‘world’

Trish and the boys live in the small town where Tori moves

Social Relationships

Sexual Orientation:


Romantically Involved:

Henry Morgan (Biker and first love)

Eli Founder (FBI agent and lover in Captive)

Enrique Dominguez (Biker and lover in Bound)

Michael Anderson (Biker and lover in Entwined)

Martial Status:

Single in Captive & Bound - Marries in Entwined


Michael Anderson (marries in Entwined)


None (forced abortion / sterility) cares for Christopher and Steven (Trish’s sons) and they become close


Female - Lindsay (Lins), Trish, Sharon Tate

Male – Terry Huffman, Brandon Tate

Acquaintances (friend/foe unclear):

James Godfry, Warren La Buff, Doug Seeming, Debra Paisley, Eli Founder – all part of the FBI team, who along with Judge William Carlton have emancipated Tori and declared her to be only 16 years of age in Bound

Also have Dr. Bennet and Dr. Carlisle who are of questionable actions / position in the story


The Organization – criminal group in charge of drugs, guns and other organized crime

Personal Characteristics

Physical Strengths:

Works out daily – extremely fit and health conscious, trained to fight hand to hand

Physical Weaknesses:

forced abortion / sterility, spotty menstruation, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity

Mental Strengths:

Trained to be a cold blooded murderer, polyglot, highly intelligent, callous and manipulative

Mental Weaknesses:

Suffered years of abuse, feelings of immense guilt, lacks common knowledge of everyday life, emotions and experiences



Strong – trained by former military members of a biker gang, uses numerous weapons and hand to hand techniques


Weak – raised as a luddite


Extremely secretive about her past


Strong – very accustomed to hiding her emotions and using other people as she sees fit (whenever able)


When necessary, raised with low standards in this regard


Speaks 5 languages – English, Spanish, French, Russian, and German


Sexual – not afraid to use her body to get her way


Childhood / Teenage years:

Lived in a remote camp, raised by a group of men to be trained for a destructive purpose


Traveled with an MC, worked as their physical entertainment and as an assassin within the group


More Details


How would you describe your life overall?

Tori has never lived a normal life before our story begins.

She was taken before she remembers (very early age) and lived her entire life in the midst of a gang of men.

These men raised her for one purpose that has not been fully revealed, which she had not fulfilled by the start of the story.

Tori had been separated from outsiders, abused since reaching physical maturity, and was never been around other people.

She begins with NO knowledge of what everyone else has commonly experienced and understands about everyday life.

What is your most memorable moment?

Being inducted / forced into the Dragons, having been raped and beaten repeatedly at the time

What is your number one regret?

That she was not strong enough to stop the Dragons or stand up to them sooner

What is your greatest fear? Why?

Having friends and family harmed because of her past or her actions, because deep down she wants to be a good person, and to protect those around her… she just doesn’t know how.

What is the most honorable or “good” thing you’ve ever done?

She killed the Dragons, to stop them and to get away from them

What is the most “evil” thing you have ever done?

She is a murderer of numerous people, mostly under the direction of the Dragons

Do you have any secrets? If so, what are they?

She doesn’t want people to know anything about her past life, her time with the Dragons, the things they did to her or the things she did to other people.


Why are you risking your life to adventure?

She was put on this path, and is trying desperately to hide and live in peace. Her past and those who knew her are unwilling to allow her to do that.

Are you a listener or a talker?

Definitely NOT a talker, she does not like to share feelings or past experiences; only does so under extreme need or trust.

Personal Emotions

What makes you sad? Happy? Mad? Why?

Tori claims that all she ever feels is angry. However, we see a wide range of emotions from her, often confusing as to the reasons behind them.

What do you think of love?

After a few failed attempts at love, Tori professes that she does not believe she is capable of real love. She marries Michael purely on a whim, and lives on an emotional rollercoaster.

Personal Relationships


Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?

Tori does not see herself as having a future. All she can think about is the here and now, while trying to be safe, and keep others from getting hurt because of her. She is impulsive in her behavior and attitudes.