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We have been learning to be Scientists

Success criteria:

  • Pose an inquiry question around plants

  • Create and and write an experiment to help find out

  • Make an hypothesis

  • Explain the importance of fair testing                                                        

  • Make observational notes

  • Label a diagram

  • Make conclusions


My comment:

At the start of the term  we learn’t about the word germination It is a part of a plant’s life cycle Riya said that plants need soil to grow We experimented with a tissues wrapped around 3 seeds and we put them in a plastic bag.When we were finished our experiment we made a diagram in our inquiry books and we had to label the parts of our finished product.It was a surprise when we saw our broad bean under cover growing.When Kelly chated to the class about sience she show us a video of a couple of beans growing on the tv so we rote a paragraph of the beans growing and we  also rote some key words to put into our paragraph about the slimy beans.

We experimented about celery one was upside down and one was the right way up in blue diy after a few days we looked at the celery the one up the right way just fell over but the one up side down one went blue. but what we really wanted to find out is where does water we found out by using celery but one did not work and the other one did work but it just went blue.

Kelly got us into groups and we experimented our own experiment.our question is will different liquids make plants grow.We did a hypothesis our hypothesis was I think that the one that will have coke will just fall down,die and go brown.first  we had to make a plan about what we are going to do.

Kelly’s comment:

You have been a keen scientist this term Izzy. You have learnt by exploring, experimenting, observing, comparing and contrasting and by researching and asking. You can experiment every day at home and school. You brought great ideas to your inquiry group!