Name: Norah

Inferences Worksheet 1

Directions: Read each passage and then respond to the questions.  Each question will ask you to make a logical inference based on textual details.  Explain your answer by referencing the text.

Every day after work Paul took his muddy boots off on the steps of the front porch.  Alice would have a fit if the boots made it so far as the welcome mat.  He then took off his dusty overalls and threw them into a plastic garbage bag; Alice left a new garbage bag tied to the porch railing for him every morning.  On his way in the house, he dropped the garbage bag off at the washing machine and went straight up the stairs to the shower as he was instructed.  He would eat dinner with her after he was “presentable,” as Alice had often said.  

1.  What type of job does Paul do? Paul is Builder/Plumber

How do you know this?   I know this because in the story it says that he has muddy boots and dirty overalls after work and he has to eat dinner with her after he was “presentable”.

2.  Describe Alice: Alicxe is Helpful, clean, hard worker

What in the text supports your description? In the story, she takes Paul’s muddy boots and dusty overalls off every day and put it to a plastic bag and she has to instruct Paul to go to the shower and Paul has to look “Presentable” before he eats dinner.

3.  What relationship do Paul and Alice have? The relationship that Paul and Alice have is Married Couples

Why do you feel this way? I feel this way because Paul has a job and Alice is a housewife and they have a house to live in.

Crack!  Thunder struck and rain poured.  Max stared blankly out the window, trying to contain his emotions that raged like the weather.  He was beginning to lose it.  Dropping the kite from his hand, Max broke out into full sobs.  His mother comforted him, “There, there, Max.  We’ll just find something else to do.”  She began to unpack the picnic basket that was on the counter and offered him a sandwich.  Max snapped, “I don’t wanna sand-mich!”  A flash from the sky lit up the living room.  Boom!  Mom sighed.

4.  Why is Max upset? He was upset because he can’t go out to play because of the horrible weather

How do you know this?   I know this because In the story it says that he lose his temper by looking the bad weather outside the window, his mum tried to comfort him by giving him a sandwich but he doesn't care.

5.  What was Mom planning on doing today? Mom was planning to have a fun day and an outdoor picnic

What in the text supports your description? In the story she bought some groceries from the supermarket and she was calling for help.

“Tommy!”  Mom called out as she walked in the front door.  “Tommy,” she continued shouting, “I sure could use some help with these groceries.  There was still no reply.  Mom walked into the kitchen to put the grocery bags down on the counter when she noticed shattered glass from the picture window all over the living room floor and a baseball not far from there.  “I’m going to kill you, Tommy!” Mom yelled to herself as she realized that Tommy’s shoes were gone.

6.  What happened to the window? The window broke because Tommy hit it with a baseball.

How do you know this?   I know this because in the story there was a baseball not far from the window.

7.  Why did Tommy leave? Tommy left because he was scared of his mum to lose her temper.

What in the text supports your description?  In the story it says that her mum said that he was going to kill him.

Today was a special day in Ms. Smith’s class.  Some of the children were walking around the room, some of them were standing in small groups, and some of them were at their desks, putting finishing touches on cardboard mailboxes.  After coloring a cool flame on the side of his racecar mailbox, Johnny hopped off his chair, strutted over to Veronica’s desk, and dropped a small white envelope into her princess castle mailbox.  Veronica blushed and played with her hair.  While this was happening, Bartleby was frantically trying to put a small white envelope into everyone’s mailbox.  After giving one to Ms. Smith, Bartleby pulled out a medium-sized red envelope from his pocket.  He blushed and tried to put it in Veronica’s mailbox, but it wouldn’t quite fit.  Bartleby struggled with it for a few seconds and then ran off with the envelope.  Veronica rolled her eyes and popped her gum.  

8.  Why is today a special day? It was a special day because it was Valentine's day

What in the text supports your idea? Everyone is posting mails to everyone's mailboxes.

9.  Which boy does Veronica like? Veronica likes Johnny.

What in the text supports your idea? In the story it says that Veronica blushed after Johnny put a mail inside the mailbox.

10. Why did Bartleby run? He didn’t want to look stupid because his red envelope was too big to fit in the mailbox and he knows that Veronica will get mad when she knows that Bartleby likes him not Johnny.

What in the text supports your idea? In the story it says that Bartleby blushed before he tried to fit in the envelope inside the mailbox.