How to Insert your Cohort 21 Toolkit badge into your Blog Sidebar

Now that you have earned a Cohort 21 toolkit badge it’s time to celebrate by putting it up on your blog sidebar. Below are the instructions on how to do it.

Step 1) Scroll to the bottom of this document and “copy” the “embed code” found beside each of the blog badge images. You will be pasting this code somewhere. Resist the urge to copy the image itself. It is just there as a guide. The “code” is what you are after. Click here to scroll down quickly.

Step 2) With the code now copied to your clipboard log into your Cohort 21 blog and navigate to the Dashboard. Once there click on Appearance and then Widgets.

Step 3) Scroll down the Widgets list until you see

a widget entitled “Text”. Double Click on “Text” to reveal a sub-menu. Pick “Main Sidebar” from the list or any area of your blog you wish and then click on the blue “Add Widget” button.

Step 5) Scroll back up to the top of the widget page. You will now find your new text widget open and at the bottom of the list. Drag it up and down to position it within the list of other widgets. Paste the “embed code” into the “Content” area. Give your widget a title if you like or leave it blank. Click “SAVE” to submit the changes.

Step 6) Preview your blog to see how the new badge looks and play with the order of your widgets. Since you are in the widget area drag over a few other widgets to see what they do. Feel free to add and remove them as you like. Congratulations you just created your first widget.

*** If you need any help or have an suggestions on how to improve these instructions please email

Badge Embed Codes

Wordpress Blogging Badge Embed Codes

<img src="" alt="Blogging Level 1">

<img src="" alt="Blogging Level 2">

<img src="" alt="Blogging Level 3">

Twitter Badge Embed Codes

<img src="" alt="Twitter Level 1">

<img src="" alt="Twitter Level 2">

<img src="" alt="Blogging Level 3">

Google +  Badge Embed Codes

<img src="" alt="Google + Level 1">

<img src="" alt="Google + Level 2">

<img src="" alt="Google + Level 3">

Diigo Badge Embed Codes

<img src="" alt="Diigo Level 1">

<img src="" alt="Diigo Level 2">

<img src="" alt="Diigo Level 3">