Monitor our Comprehension

 Notice When we Lose our Way

As we read new information, sometimes we can lose our way. Following our inner conversation can be difficult if meaning breaks down. We can lose track of our inner conversation if the text is too hard, we are stressed or not very interested. Sometimes we can be distracted by unfamiliar words or not making enough connections to the text.

To fix this, we can re-read or continue to read on. We can ask ourselves a question about the text. We can stop reading and refocus on the text. We can also skip over unfamiliar names and places and find out their pronunciation after.

For the next reading assignment, follow your inner conversation AND monitor your own comprehension (are you sure you understand?) by writing big ideas from the graphic novel, lingering questions and connections you make to the text.

Response Examples:

"When the text reminds me of........."

"When I see the picture of........I start to think about........."

Click here to read the graphic novel about the Lumbering Industry in Minnesota.

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