REACH stands for Russellville Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers.  REACH is a 501c3 non-profit corporation designed to be a support network and provide cooperative opportunities to families who have chosen to educate their children at home in and around the Pope County, Arkansas, area.


We desire to be a source of encouragement and support to like-minded families who have chosen to teach and train their children at home.  We strive to equip members with resources which will help them be successful in their homeschool journey, to cultivate a community of friendship, and to provide social and educational activities which will enrich the homeschool experience.



Membership is open to families who are actively engaged in home education with at least one child in Pre-K – 12th grade.  The following requirements must be met before your membership is active:

  1. File Intent to homeschool form in compliance with Arkansas state law.  (If online public charter school, comply with the rules set forth by the school.)
  2. Membership application must be submitted.  Application includes:

a)    Membership form

b)   Agreement to REACH Code of conduct

c)    Agreement to REACH Dress Code

d)    Agreement to various REACH policies

e)    Agreement to Statement of Faith (new members)

f)     Agreement to Release of Liability

g)    Photo Release

  1. Membership fee must be paid.  The 2018-2019 membership fee is $70.00.  Several options for payment are listed on the membership application form.
  2. New members must attend an orientation meeting with the Membership Director.  You may contact the Membership Director at  This meeting is not required for renewal members in good standing.
  3. Volunteer to serve on at least one (1) committee.  (Click here to view list of committees and their purposes)

Your membership is not active and your family will not be allowed to participate in REACH activities until the above requirements have been met.  You will receive an email from the Membership Director notifying you when your membership is active.




Your family will be encouraged by the following membership privileges:

  1. Members in good standing are entitled to involvement and participation in all REACH events and activities for the current year.  (Note:  Some events and activities require an additional fee.)  All REACH events and activities are for members only unless prior permission has been given by the REACH board.
  2. Connection to group announcements through email and newsletter.
  3. Access to the “members only” section REACH website which includes:

a)    Membership directory

b)   Committee directory

c)    Member Handbook

d)    Announcements and details related to REACH activities

  1. Access to Facebook REACH Chat Room and Swap-N-Shop.
  2. Monthly meetings which provide you the opportunity to meet and fellowship with other REACH families and hear speakers on topics of home education interest.  Childcare for children ages 7 and under is provided without cost at these meetings if you sign up by the given deadline.
  3. Access to the REACH library.
  4. Academic guidance in preparation for high school graduation.



REACH is a volunteer organization.  Without the cooperation and commitment of our members, the events and activities of REACH would not be possible.  Each member is a vital part of the volunteer team which helps us provide activities and extra learning opportunities for our families.  Therefore, please carefully consider the following member responsibilities and duties prior to joining REACH:

  1. Members must agree to follow REACH policies and procedures, code of conduct and dress code.
  2. Members must communicate openly with REACH leadership (officers and committee heads) and other members regarding questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.  Effective communication is necessary in order to build relationships, share resources and organize activities.
  3. Parents must take responsibility for the supervision of their own children unless prior arrangements have been made.  If damages occur, the parents will bear the financial responsibility.
  4. Parents are responsible to pay the membership fee and any and all expenses incurred for their child(ren) related to all events, clubs, classes, sports., field trips, teen activities, yearbook, graduation, etc. not covered in the annual membership fee.  Payment should be made by the given deadline.
  5. Members should fulfill their volunteer service to REACH by serving on at least one (1) committee.  (Click here to see a list of committees and their purposes) 
  6. Members should participate in a variety of REACH activities and/or events.



The role of REACH officers is to maintain structure and organization.  General responsibilities include:

·         Coordinator plans and presides over REACH meetings and acts as a liaison between outside organizations and REACH.  The coordinator also schedules and presides over officers meetings.

·         Membership Director acts as the main contact person for new and potential members.  The membership director processes all membership applications into the REACH system.

·         Activities Director maintains the master calendar of REACH events and activities as well as tracks all solicitations and fundraising by committees.  The activities director must be contacted prior to scheduling any REACH event and any REACH fundraiser.

·         Secretary takes minutes at Board meetings and maintains minute record books.  The secretary also updates and maintains REACH policies, guidelines, and other official documents.

·         Treasurer manages the bank accounts and financial responsibilities of REACH.  The treasurer presents a current year budget to the membership.

The Board of Officers maintain accountability by attending board meetings and reviewing and approving minutes and financial information monthly.  Officers also strive to be present at regular REACH meetings and participate in ongoing REACH activities.

The REACH Coordinator is elected by a majority vote of the REACH members.  Each family receives one vote.  The other officers are elected by the Board.


Requests for committee head positions are accepted during the month of February.  Selections are made from members submitting requests and announced in April.

Members are required to serve on one (1) committee, but are allowed to serve on two (2).  Because committees fill up quickly, members are asked to list three committee options on their application.  Your committee appointment will be made from your three choices by the Membership Director based on availability and proper fit.

Updated May 2016