7TH March 2015

Benedict Racing News.

Welcome to the first issue of Benedict Racing news.

For all that is virtual racing.

In our first issue we are going to take a look at (TORA’S theonlineracingassociation.com) Rouge Cup.

That see’s seven of Benedicts drivers competing in.

As the rouge cup is down to its last two races and things are getting hot at the top of the table with three of benedicts drivers in the top eight. RivermercKB(Kevin Bolland),Hunty1981(Andy Hunt) an jonnotheone(John Wooldridge),

Kevin Bolland(RivermercKB) Leading the benedict trio currently sits in sixth place and is hot on the heels of the three drivers above.Only fifty points separate third and sixth and kevin could be with in a shot of clinching a third place overall in the drivers standings.

Andy and John are fighting it out for the seventh spot were no points separate them and are tied on 284 points.altho a top ten finish for the trio is a superb achievement it will all go down to the last two races to see were these three will finish in the driver standings.

drivwer standing.JPG

In the team standing’s see’s Andy Hunt’s team(Benedict Racing) currently sitting in fourth place.Chasing down the Cyber Racing team. 70 points separate them but having two rounds left all could change at the top half of the table.Depending on if people fail to race or end up lagging out.Its not a big task for andy to clinch 3RD place in team standings but might be a little struggle.Kevin Bollands team(Benedict Racing Blue)currently in 6TH and is only 39 points behind Team Samsung Racing.

team standing.JPG

The privateer standings see John Wooldridge(jonnotheone) sitting at the top of the table in his first ever forza5 TORA event.He is over 80 points ahead of second place man THO Shooter and over 100 points ahead of 3RD place Solar Flar3.John has practically wrapped up the privateer title but as we have said its not over until its over.All john has to do is finish mid table in both races and will be crowned privateer champion and take his first ever TORA win.


Here at Benedict Racing News would like to wish all our drivers the best of luck in the final two events

(stay tuned for more from benedict racing news)