PLAYOFFS -  Regular Season has come to an end.

Saturday LOB Pitch League playoffs will start on Nov. 12, 2016. 

Sunday MODIFIED League playoffs will start on Nov.6, 2016.

ANY LEAGUE FEES ARE PAST DUE ! If you have a balance, you will not be scheduled for playoffs unless you make arrangements to meet me before I put schedule. NO EXCEPTION..


ALL games are 2 of 3 series.Except for 1 game elimination on Sundays


             automatically be disqualified from the playoffs.


             continue after a warning. Of course if he curses then there is NO WARNING and he is gone

             for  whole day.


Have been UPDATED - ONLY for teams that have the same record within their division.The purpose of the Run Differential is to break ANY ties at the end of the season. The Run Differential will NOT be used if there is a tie for (1st place) within your division. Match up against each other will be used; if a split then run scored difference will be use ONLY to break a first place tie.

Playoffs:Bear in mind, teams are responsible of keeping tab on their players required amount of games. Teams found guilty of using players that didn’t make the required game will forfeit said game played.


The payoff prize will be as listed:


Final (2) Two teams                             = $1500

Championship Team                           = $3500


Championship team will win a total of $5000.00

Runner up total will win a total of $1500.00


ANY LEAGUE FEES ARE PAST DUE ! If you have a balance, you will not be scheduled for playoffs unless you make arrangements to meet me before I put schedule. NO EXCEPTION..


Have been UPDATED - ONLY for teams that have the same record within their division.The purpose of the Run Differential is to break ANY ties at the end of the season. The Run Differential will NOT be used if there is a tie for (1st place) within your division. Match up against each other will be used; if a split then run scored difference will be use ONLY to break a first place tie.


Bear in mind, teams are responsible of keeping tab on their players required amount of games. Teams found guilty of using players that didn’t make the required game will forfeit said game played.


During the first week of the playoffs, all of the teams will play. THERE IS NO BYE WEEK.  1st plays 8th, 2nd plays 7th, 3rd plays 6th and 4th plays 5th. ALL THREE GAMES MUST BE PLAYED IF IT GOES TO A 3rd GAME. Any team refusing to play a game will result in automatic disqualification / forfeit.  The following week the top (4) teams of each division play each other . The 3rd week is the Final four and then following week the Championship series. ( ALL PLAYOFF GAMES ARE 2 of 3 series )


The payoff prize will be as listed:


Final (2) Two teams                             = $1500

Championship Team                           = $3500


Championship team will win a total of $5000.00

Runner up total will win a total of $1500.00



Pelham Bay Saturday Summer League Rules

Note : some revisions in effect since 2003.












A. Each team shall have a maximum of twenty-two (22) players on the roster and a minimum of nine (9) participants. *** Note ***: Managers that are in roster are counted as the (22) submitted. In an event , a manager or coach is not listed in roster , he is allow to play ONLY in an event of a possible forfeit.


All Players MUST report to Registration Desk located at field prior to playing any games during the (4) week OPEN ROSTER period. ALL players are to make sure that he signs and fills out his Registration Roster Form. All payers are to make sure that his photo is taken or that the league has his photo on file. During this (4) week period , all players MUST have a wristband placed on them and make sure that he is wearing it in order to play. Umpires will use these wristband to assure that you the player is registered and that he is accounted for that particular game. Umpire will check off that player on LINEUP CARD.

Note: After the Deadline, any replacement players, MUST see the commissioner prior to playing in any game and make sure that all requirements are met. (Photo & Registration form).

Each team shall elect a Captain and Manager from its ranks.

Each team will inform the Commissioner of the names of their elected Captain and Manager.


B. A Team Roster form MUST be submitted to the commissioner by the start of the season if a team is to participate in the season opener.

ALL PLAYERS are required to make sure that his photo has been taken prior to playing any games. Any player that plays a game without signing his Registration Form or having his photo taken will have the team in which he played for to forfeit said game that he played in.

In the event that the team roster cannot be submitted by the deadline, and if a roster of at least (9) nine players is not produced by the Friday prior to the season opening the team will forfeit their scheduled game and any other if the above requirements are not met.

C. Once the season has started, any team can make any necessary roster change (within the 4 week OPEN ROSTER period) and the team MUST notify the Commissioner of such changes before that deadline date with the required photos and Official Roster Form.

D. During the season and after (OPEN ROSTER) deadline ALL teams are allowed to pick up (2) two additional player after this date. The team MUST notify the Commissioner of such additions, and such additions cannot exceed the maximum of (20) twenty players. You may pick a player already from the League ONLY if that Player's team was dismantled or were removed from the league. The same requirements for playoffs are enforced for such Player. *Any Additional player must see the league Commissioner prior to playing any game and make sure the league has his photo and Registration form .

E. Only in an extreme, a team that has already picked up an additional player and shows the proof that they still do not have enough to field a team may pick up a maximum of (2) two additional players. In this situation the extra players MUST pay the league a fee of $25 to be allowed to participate in the team. The $25 collected by the league has nothing to do with the league fee of that particular team.

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A. When each player signs his league roster form he becomes part of the roster. This roster MUST be submitted by the deadline. One it is signed and submitted this is binding is a contract to that team and it is NOT allowed to change.

B. In the event that an entire roster is not available at game time and there is a question about the legitimacy of any player, the player(s) in question will sign the game score sheet in the presence of the umpire. The umpire will be responsible for turning this score sheet over to the Commissioner for a determination of the player's status.

C. Schedules will not be changed except in the case of emergency.

D. It is the responsibility of the managers of the winning team to report the final score of the game to the Commissioner by the (1st) first Monday following the game.

E. Each team will be able to view the schedule and standings on the website.


F. A player is allow to switch teams ONLY once and it MUST be done during the OPEN ROSTER period . If a player wishes to join another team , he MUST inform the Registration Desk or Commissioner before he makes the switch. Once, he switches to another team he is committed to that team. *** IF THIS SAME PLAYER IS FOUND PLAYING FOR ANOTHER TEAM , NOT ONLY WILL THAT TEAM FORFEIT THE GAME HE PLAYED BUT THIS PLAYER WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR THE WHOLE SEASON.

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A. Each team will receive a schedule for games up to the midseason, then will get the reminder of the seasons' schedule in the middle of the season.

Team Mangers shall be responsible for securing a schedule of games from the Commissioner and team that does not field a team of at least (9) nine players within (15) Fiftenn minutes after the scheduled game shall be deemed to have forfeited said game. The second game shall be forfeited after an additional (15) fifteen minutes have passed.

B. Any team that forfeits (4 ) individual games during the regular season will be suspended from the league. After a team's first forfeit ,the team will be informed that they have forfeited (2) games. If a team forfeits a second time of (2) more games for a total of (4) games, they will be eliminated from league play for the remainder of their scheduled games. The only way to be reinstated the team MUST pay any forfeit fee due and any outstanding balance to the Commissioner before the next scheduled date. Once reinstated into the league, if the team forfeits again it will be dropped from the league. Note: If a team is dropped from the league for excess of games forfeited { 4 games } they will also lose any league fee paid . LEAGUE FEE IS NOT REFUNDED ONCE YOU HAVE PLAYED ONE WEEK INTO THE SEASON.

C. When a team has forfeited a game or been eliminated from play because of excessive forfeits, ALL teams scheduled against team shall be awarded a "WIN" for each forfeited game. You MUST have been scheduled against that team to get credit for the win.

D. In order for a team to get credit for a forfeited game after the (20) minutes have passed, the following procedure MUST be conducted.

The umpire MUST stand behind home plate and call "Play Ball". Manager is to submit LINEUP CARD with players that are physically present at park. You MUST then field (9) players at their positions .When the pitcher throws (1) pitch at the catcher the game will then be official and you will get credit for the forfeited game. You MUST then wait an additional (20) minutes for the next game and follow the same procedure.



E. A game shall be official upon completion of (4 ½) four and one half innings of play, any game in which (4 ½) four and one half innings are not completed will be counted in a team's record/standing and will be rescheduled if necessary.

F. (2) TWO umpires shall be assigned to each regularly scheduled game and shall control all aspects of play. Only a Team Captain or Manger can dispute an umpire's call. Anybody else disputing such call is subject to ejection from the game. Team Mangers will meet with umpires' prior to play.

NOTE : Any player other than a manager that comes from the outfield to argue a call not related to him and steps one foot on infield will be THROWN OUT OF GAME. This action by this player is so unnecessary and just causes delay to game. He has no business coming to infield and will now be punish for his actions.

G. All games will be played unless weather prohibits.

H. Once the schedule has been made, there will be NO CHANGE. Only exception will be serious emergency. (Example: Death, etc.….)

I. The HOME team of the first game is determined by the flip of a coin. The winner of the coin toss has the choice of which game he wants to be home team.

J. All teams are responsible upon completion of game to clean up their dugout area.

K. Each scheduled day of play, the Commissioner shall determine the status of the playing fields. In the event of foul weather, the League Commissioner will supply the team's manager with information in regards to any canceled games by leaving a message on a voice recorded mailbox at (917) 218-1992. It is then the manger's responsibility to relate the message of his players. If an earlier game scheduled was canceled due to foul weather, it does not necessarily mean that the night games are canceled.

L. ALL teams are responsible to be at the field regardless of weather conditions unless canceled by the Commissioner. If the fields are playable and team's are not present, the forfeit rule will be enforced.

M. Once the game has started the umpire will determine if play should continue or cease because of weather conditions. TWENTY (20) minutes will be allowed for a rain delayed game under the umpire's judgment, if play should continue after that period.

N. Any games that are canceled for any reason (weather, etc.,) before midseason will be rescheduled on the second half schedule. Any other games that are canceled after the second half of the season schedule will ONLY be played if there is available field time and ONLY if it won't interfere with the start of the playoffs. The only exception would be if games must be played for the playoff berth.

O. Games played during the evening (NIGHT GAMES) should be aware of the following:

The starting time for night games usually starts anywhere from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., leaving enough time for both games. In the event the second game cannot be started by 9:20 p.m., that game will be played at another time. If game does start from 9:00 p.m. to 9:20 p.m., there will be no tossing of ball by the in-fields or warm-ups by the pitcher. Lights will automatically turn off at 10:00 p.m. Any game that is stopped due to no lights with the home team winning in the 5th inning will be an official game.

P. All games will start at time indicated on schedule. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

If a team is scheduled to play at a given time, but cannot start because of other scheduled game is still in progress, that team will have to wait for the game to be completed. Once that game has ended your team will be responsible to be ready to play as soon as the umpire calls "Play Ball", which means no practices or warm-up.


Q. Under normal circumstances, doubleheaders should take no loner than (2 ½) two and one half hours. Umpires have the authority to tell teams to speed up the games by moving on the field at a faster pace, limiting the number of warm-up pitches between innings, or having team throw the ball back to the pitcher after each out. Teams will be allowed no more than five (5) minutes between games at doubleheader. Back to Rules


A. Each and every player and team representative is expected to compose himself in a sportsman-like manner at all times. There will be occasions, of course, especially during the heat of a pennant race or playoff, when tempers will flare and discussions will ensue. However, at NO time and under NO circumstances will violence be condoned or will the use of disparaging or insulting remarks by a player, coach, manager or about opposing players, officials or other team personnel will be allowed. Unsportsman-like conduct, if not dealt with immediately and firmly could undermine our entire league. Therefore, the league will deal swiftly and firmly with reported incidents of unsportsman-like conduct. The rulings in these cases are not subject to appeal. Team representatives have the responsibility of stressing this point to all of their team members.

B. Anyone found drinking alcoholic beverages or engaging in unsportsman-like conduct on the playing field, may be subject to removal from the game. Unsportsman-like conduct specifically, but without limitation, includes abusive language, a threat of fighting or actual fighting. The umpires shall have the right to order a player removed from the game for his violation. THE RULING IN THESE CASES ARE NOT SUBJECT TO APPEAL.

C. A player ejected from the game must leave the immediate playing area. If a player has not, in the umpire's opinion, complied with this request after the Team Manger or Captain has been so notified, the member's team may be deemed to have forfeited said game. That player will also be suspended (1) one week for not allowing the game to continue.

D. There will be NO smoking of Ganja/Marijuana or drinking of alcoholic beverages in the dugout or on the playing field during the process of the game.

E. There will be NO loud music playing that may disturb the opposing team.

F. There will be NO calling of players by their names.

G. All teams are reminded that should they bring any spectator who may be either family members or friends that they are responsible for their actions. Any individual that acts in a disruptive behavior thus interfering or disturbing the course of the game, the team that is responsible for this individual will forfeit said game. If team persists in bringing these disruptive spectators to games, they will be subject to expulsion from additional games.

H. ANY player who gets in a fight will be thrown out of the double-header series and will be automatically suspended for (1) one week of play. A second infraction that results in a fist fight, that player will be suspended for (4) four weeks of play. A third infraction, that player will be suspended for up to a year at the discretion of the Commission.

NOTE: These penalties will follow through the playoffs if need to. I. Any player ejected from a game must leave the playing field. I f player stays outside field to watch the game, he must be kept quiet. If he harasses players or the umpire, he is subject to fine, suspension, or both, and the team could possibly lose the game by forfeit.

J. In the event an official is physically attacked, whether it be by being punched, pushed, shoved, spun around, or in any way having hands laid upon his person, the perpetrator will be banned from playing, coaching, or from any other participation, for a period up to and including (1) one year, at the discretion of the Commissioner.


In the event that an umpire cannot control the game for whatever reason and in his opinion it was unsafe for him to call the game, the umpire will continue the game and will submit a report to the commissioner and the guilty parties will be suspended and game will be forfeited if league rules and regulations were violated.

Any player that has been ejected more than (3) three times may be subject to suspension for (1) one week of play depending on what he was ejected for (Commissioner's discretion). This decision is not subject o appeal.

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A. A protest is defined as an alleged violation of the rules of the League or Association Rules.

Only protests based on the misinterpretation or application of playing rules will be received and considered.

To be valid, a protest must be made in the following ways:

1.) Only Captains or Mangers may protest. The Manger or Captain must protest to the umpire immediately upon the commission of the action, giving rise to the protest. Protest must be lodged before the next pitch and stated to the umpire and the opposition that they are continuing the game under protest and that they are planning to file a formal written protest to the committee.

2.) The protesting team will have (48) forty-eight hours from the time the game ends to submit a formal written protest to the committee. A fee of $10 must be submitted with every protest for the protest to be considered. Failure to submit the fee simultaneously with the formal written protest renders the protest null and void.

3.) The fee of $10 will be returned to the protesting team only if the protest is allowed by the committee. If the protest is disallowed, the league will keep the money. Umpire is to be present at hearing.

4.) The protest committee consists of the League Commissioner, Head Umpire and (2) two managers within the league. The final ruling will lie upon the League Commissioner.

5.) There is no need for more than (2) two persons to bring their point across. Ninety-nine percent of the time the umpire will not change his call, so yelling and screaming will d you no good. If there is a problem that must be addressed and you are not satisfied, follow the protest policies.

NOTE: A protest is defined as an alleged violation of the Rules of the League or the Association Rules. Only protest based on the misinterpretation or application of a playing rule will be received and considered. YOU CANNOT PROTEST A JUDGMENT CALL!

6.) All managers must have league rules at ball field. If umpire errors on league rules interpretation in game, the correction must be made before continuing the game.

7.) Commissioners of the League WILL NOT intercede in any problems on the field while attending a game.

Back to Rules SECTION VI. EQUIPMENT: A. Players will provide gloves, mitts, and spikes if desired. Spikes may be any material excluding metal. NO METAL SPIKES ALLOWED!!! Any player detected wearing steel spikes must either remove them or be removed from the game by the umpire.

B. All teams must have bases and home plate. If one team does not show up with bases and a home plate, then that team will be visitors for both games of the doubleheader. When both teams have bases, two bases will be used for the first base. (To protect the 1st baseman feet & runner.)

C. Uniforms are not required, but a player must have a shirt on to play. No tank top or bare chest allowed.

D. Official league ball is F-12 De-Beer Official Clincher. No other ball may be used. A NEW ball must be presented to the umpire by each team, prior to the start of each game.

E. Any team that is unable to provide softballs for their double header, will, without delaying the game try to get a softball from the opposing team and reimburse them for it. In event both teams do not have new balls, the best ball will be used. Go back to Rules


A. Pitcher may start with one or two feet on the rubber and may take one-step backwards while maintaining contact with the rubber with at lease one foot.

B. An illegal pitch shall be one that the umpire considered to be thrown fast. NO warm-up rings are allowed.

C. If the umpire calls an illegal pitch, the pitch thrown then becomes dead and called a ball. Pitch must be thrown underhand. The pitch must be lobbed in. No ten (10) to twelve (12) foot arc-pitching allowed. BASICALLY , THERE IS NO FLAT PITCH ALLOWED.

D. Once the umpire has called an "illegal pitch" the pitcher will receive a warning. If it happens again a second warning will be given. On the third time the pitcher will be removed. (But may play in another position). The new pitcher will get only (1) one warning and will be thrown out for the next time. Go back to Rules SECTION VIII. BASE RUNNING:

A. Base runner may lead off base when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand. Any player leaving his base prior to the pitch is automatically out if the umpire detects his movements. The umpire will call "NO PITCH, DEAD BALL', and if the batter struck the ball he must return to his at-bat with the same ball-strike count prior to the play. All runners must return to the bases previously occupied.

B. Only base has to be tagged on pick-off attempt, the ball has only to beat the runner to the bag. All runners must return to their bases before advancing. Runners may advance (after tagging up), only if the ball is thrown away.

C. There is no stealing, but the runner can advance if a catcher overthrows a base. The runner can advance at his own risk including any base runners on base at the time, and he beats a throw to that base (he must be tagged to be put-out at the advancing bases).

D. All teams are allowed to have (2) two courtesy runners per game. The courtesy runner MUST be the last batter that batted out. ***** COURTESY RUNNERS may come into the game at ANY point of the game.***** Back to Rules SECTION IX. BATTING:

A. Only official softball bats are allowed. No lango, little league, or baseball bats allowed.

B. A batting order must be filled out prior to each game and should be exchanged prior to each game with opposing team captains. All substitutions will be confirmed between team and umpire. If a batting change has been made and not announced to the opposing team or umpire and that batter has batted already he will be called out.

C. Every team is responsible to have an on-deck batter ready to hit. If the next batter is not ready at a reasonable time, the umpire will begin to call balls/strikes with or without the batter.



A. All other rules shall be governed by official ASA rules. The league is governed by its by-laws. Its softball playing rules and regulations as amended. Two-thirds of the voting members in attendance is need to amend any playing rules and regulations.

B. Base runners MUST slide into bases or yield when the defending player, in possession of the ball is in the process of tagging the runner out or executing a force play, such as a double-play. If a base runner is judged by the umpire as making contact on such a play, as to either cause injury or prevent a force play or double play, she shall be declared automatically out and the offensive team may be subject to a double play being called. This is the umpires decision and may not be protested.

C. In regards to a play at HOME PLATE, the runner MUST also slide or give himself up when the defending player has in his possession the ball. In the event the catcher does not have the ball and his covering home plate, and there is a collision between the runner and the catcher, the runner will not be penalized.

D. An 11th batter (or E. H.) will be used an optional rule He will be non-fielder and must be used as a batter only. He can be replaced by another E.H. who will then remain as a batter only for the remainder of the game. If a team elects to play with the 11th man (E.H.), it must be stated before the game. If a team does not inform the umpire and the other team, the penalty for use of an improper batter is in effect, according to ASA softball rules.

E. Nine (9) players can stat the game. The 10th player can enter the gam anytime in the game only if the batting order has not passed his turn at bat. (Same goes for E. H.) No game allowed with (8) eight players (no exceptions) constitutes as a forfeit. In the event that the 10th cannot enter the game because of the above, he can enter only if he has to replace an injured player or substitute a player.

F. If a player is injured during the course of the game and must be removed from play, his place in the line-up becomes an AUTOMATIC OUT if there is no player present to replace him.

G. A designated hitter (DH) will not be allowed. All players on the field must bat for themselves.

H. No phantom tags allowed. Players charged with this infraction shall be ejected from the game. NO WARNING WILL BE GIVEN!!!!

I. TIME-OUT is only legal when the umpire calls "Time-Out". Which means that just because a player yells "Time-Out" that does not mean Time-Out is automatic, he must get the umpire's acknowledgment and then the umpire will call Time-Out.

J. Tagging up from ALL bases.

K. Any batter maliciously throwing a bat will be ejected from the game.

L. Intentional slugging (CHOP BALL) is out, ball is dead, and runners may not advance. (Umpire's discretion)

M. No advance on a wild pitch of passed ball. If a batter missed a third strike, he is automatically out, regardless of whether the catcher catches the ball or not.

N. All teams should now carry first aid kids at all games. Any player, coach or umpire that is bleeding cannot participated until he/she is treated. Players will be given a "reasonable" amount of time by the umpire to be treated or they must be removed from the game.

O. All Complaints bout league rules or umpires are to be made only to the Commissioner.

P. Any player on the roster must be present to at least (14) fourteen scheduled games to be considered eligible for the play-offs. NEW RULE: Players used only for pitching MUST have pitched in at least (8) games to quaify for the playoffs.

Q. Any appeal calls just request the umpire the base question, no need to throw the ball to he base.

R. The MERCY RULE: A team leading by (10) ten runs or more by the completion of (5) five innings or any completed inning there after, will win the game automatically. The Home team need not hit in the bottom of the inning, if it is leading.

S. Whatever the extreme may exist, Manger(s) has the right to present his case to the league's Commissioner and possibly request a hearing before the council of managers.

T. Head On Tie by the end of the regular season, won/lost record against each other will be considered, then runs scored against each other will be used. NOTE: TIE-BREAKERS will ONLY be considered for 1st & 2nd place finish. One game tie-breaker will be played.

As Commissioner of the Bronx-Stars League, I wish to express myself by first ensuring all the teams that participate in this league that I will do my best that the league is run properly and organized. I promise that the money for the league will be spent wisely in the league and I will make sure everybody is pleased with this league. I wish everybody Good Luck and hope to see you again next season.

Yours truly,