Coach's Corner - Issue 13

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

The importance of the coach

I’m going to talk about the latest results in the cricket and I believe in the power of the presence of a coach. Darren Lehman has recently taking over the reins from Graham Arthur- two totally different types of coaches.

Graham Arthur had 7 coaches under him working with the team, fitness, batting, bowling, fielding, psychologist and a high performance coach. Graham Arther was all about drills, repetitive sessions and individual results. He would look into the finer details of a game, fitness results pretty much all the bull shit aspect of the game.

Darren Lehman has brought about a relaxed yet professional style of coaching to the team. He commented on talking about performances over a beer, something Graham Arther would have never done. Darren Lehman adds personal context to the coaching role with a sense of humour and also a sets an environment where the players want to be. The main change in the team has been the whole impression factor. A focus on being ultra-competitive whilst supporting your team mates. Showing a bit mongrel out on the pitch to show the opposition they mean business. No matter what the outcome is it’s about how they do it and go about it! Plenty of team building, competitive games at training have seen the team united and wanting to be around each other. A team where 12th man was a dreaded feeling is now an honour to be amongst the other 11 players.

I think we can relate this to bowls coaching a little, I think you will find the best results when a coach can provide an environment that people want to be involved in. The social functions with the BBQ’s are all great examples of the team (club) being together and discussing the game or teams success. Training has been criticised because the lack of drills. I don’t believe in drills, in fact I find them boring and repetitive. If I had to come and practise drills, I would find it a chore. My coaching is all about game situations, keeping scores, maintaining a competitive spirit whilst putting pressure on the bowler is the main aspect of the game.

I also believe in feedback, you as members need to have a say in the way you would like your coach to operate or to change any aspects in the way he is going about the position. I offered the committee members the opportunity to feed back to me. Please email me on with your feedback. It’s your club, you pay a membership and I’m your coach, so have a say in what you want.

Wrong Biases

Wow to the wee! Darryl and Dave. My coaching advice is that in your pre delivery routines add in the check the big ring is on the outside.

Special Mentions this week-

Jayden “pipes” Wombell- outstanding game this week, really took his game to the next level, the best part of the day was Jayden’s body language- really getting into the game and celebrating the peaches he played.

KO Leary- Apparently by all reports the Bowl of the Century on Saturday. El Presidente explained it in detail in the club rooms, and wow what a bomb!

“The Rock”- Outstanding on the weekend will full marks from the skip, not many high fives have been given this year in the scoring system. I think the rink was the Awesome foursome in tenacious ten’s.

Les May- Super Skip, Les is bowling very well and is enjoying his bowls which always helps, keep up the good work. 

Eleven Heaven- The whole of the 11’s team both blue and gold achieved outstanding results on the weekend and now are in finals contention. Keep up the good work.

Everybody keep up the good work, and remember to contact me for coaching! Never too busy for anybody…..

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush