Ms. Stephanie C. Huckabee                                                               Classroom Policies

Chapin High School ~ English Department

Students are expected to behave as young adults who demonstrate the necessary self-control and participation skills required to foster learning. Administration will be involved as necessary to maintain a positive classroom environment. Parents and guardians will be contacted to partner with me to help students understand expectations if behavior becomes a challenge.


I take attendance EVERY single day. I count tardies EVERY single day.  Budget your absences wisely.

Late Homework/Missing Assignments

Per school policy, late work is assessed at 10% per day and after 3 class meetings it will not be accepted for credit. It expires. It is gone. Forever.

Please note, I enter a zero in PowerSchool for any missing assignment – even one which will be made up with no penalty due to the nature of an excused absence and in accordance with District 5 policy. This helps motivate students to follow through with completion of missing work and prevents last minute surprises when grades are finalized.                                                        


Students should bring Chromebooks charged to class every single day. My classroom is a closet according to school blueprints, and I do not have wall outlets available for students. Chromebooks are priority with the available outlets, not phones. Students are to stay on task and in the assigned websites if directed when using digital resources.  Failure to do so will result in points deducted from the assignment. Students who consistently choose to go to websites other than those used for instruction will be referred to administration for being out of area.

Phones which are out when they shouldn’t be will be removed by me. Consistent inappropriate phone use will result in automatic administrator referral. Students who struggle with the freedoms offered by technology will complete alternative assignments using more appropriate resources for his or her maturity level.

When you email me, please be clear in the subject line on what you need to know.  Do not email me with only the word  “question” in the subject line. Please do not email me when you’ve been absent and ask, “What did I miss?” Refer to the calendar and your classmates and then email me if you need additional information.

When saving and uploading assignments, the format should be your block, your last name, first word from name of the assignment. So if Susan Jones from my 2A class is turning in the Nonfiction Analysis Paper, her work should be saved as 2AJonesNonfiction.


Google Calendar is the primary location for communicating what I have planned for class. Please remember that this calendar is subject to change as it is my best guess at where we will be in the curriculum. is used on occasion for instances such as the extension of a due date or lesson plan directions if a sub will be present. and Google Classroom/Drive will be used for instruction,  digital communication projects and uploading assignments. Parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to join these services.  I contact home to get help in helping you understand the goals of the classroom. I also contact home to brag on you because you are amazing.

Respectful Debate

It is more important than ever that  students learn how to debate harnessing the skills of argument supported by rhetorical strategy. Students are to keep discussions focused on ideas and not distract with attacks on opposing students. Civil discourse is paramount to the exchange of  ideas even when participants disagree,  and students are expected to behave in a manner reflecting this.

How we all get along in 226

To Succeed in Ms. Huckabee’s Class:

  Be responsible.

  Do your best on a consistent basis.

Treat everyone with respect (including yourself).

  If you don’t know, ask.

 Demonstrate integrity.

Be honest.


             It’s that easy.