Living in desert

By Pam Holden


We are learning to find information from the text.

Match the word or phrase with the meaning:

palm                                     a tree with big leaves at the top and no branches

camel                            large mammal that lives in the desert

cactus                        A plant that has prickles.

oasis                                      a plae with water in the desert

desert                                   a dry, sandy land

List 5 facts you found out from the text:

1. Their is a oasis in the middle of the desert.

2.camel can walk for many day with no water or food.

3.their not many people live in the desert.

4.they make their bricks out of mud.

5.their is sandstorms in the desert

Fill in the missing words:

Camels are _large_________ animals that can walk for many days with no _water________ or            

__food_________.  Then they ____drink_______ a lot of water at one time.  They have

_humps__________ on their backs to store _____fat____ for food.  People ride ____camels_________

across the ______desert_______, or use them to take heavy ______loads____________.