Waitakere College BYOD - Our Journey - Collaborative notes


Here is a copy of my GAFE checklist I have created for staff. Feel free to use and adapt. Kristina Sue - Wanganui Girls College


Thanks Kristina :)

Strategic Overview

Do you have a copy of your e-passports for students and staff? Is it a one page document? Can you please post a link

Growing the Leadership

Did the eLPF help in your strategic planning and process moving forward? - Alex


is BYOD compulsory for students?

Were you guys a part of a funding trust or did you do this without significant funding from outside providers? Impressed! - Alex Le Long

Growing the teachers

Growing digital citizens

Really enjoyed how you have pushed the epassport idea. Digi Cit should come first and it’s cool that you guys have done this! Would love to learn more about the process you used to create that team of tech angels! - Alex Le Long

how do you get past byo distraction.

Any chance you did an epassport for staff too?- Alex

Equity Issues

Loved the mention of the need for a letter and device as a required item on the stationary list so that whanau could go to WINZ and get the funding needed. Loved the way that your students are able to collaborate and book devices using the google form. VERY COOL - Alex Le Long

Any very resistant students or parents? How did you get community buy-in?

Platforms, software and tools - what we are using to support learning

Love the use of Padlet, Blendspace and Booktrack to create more individualised learning programmes that are relevant to students. Very creative and innovative! So impressed! - Alex Le Long


How do you grow staff when as a school you are multi-platform? O365 and familiar with that for calendar and emails, yet this year GAFE and starting to use google classroom, docs etc. Principal will not change to one platform. How can it be managed effectively and best way forward? Kristina Sue - Wanganui Girls College