Wisconsin Energy Efficient Vehicle Association

Wisconsin Electrathon and Supermileage @ University Of Wisconsin Platteville

Event Schedule (times subject to change!)

University of Wisconsin Platteville, Platteville, Wi,  April 28 & 29, 2017

Friday, April 28th

        1:00 PM        Registration – behind (west side) UW Platteville Russell Hall

        1:30--5:00 PM        Inspections – Must complete inspection before braking and maneuverability can be attempted. Following completion of inspections, cars can be moved to Tech Lab for car show, only cars in lab will be judged for show.

        1:30--5:00 PM        Braking and Maneuverability (all inspections must be completed, no inspections on Saturday)

        4:00--4:45 PM        Campus/Program area tours.

        5:00--5:15 PM        Move ALL vehicles to the Car Show area (16 Russell Hall Powers Lab)

        5:30--5:45 PM        Mandatory team event briefing for ALL participants including Advisors (16 Russell Hall Classroom) 

        5:00--5:45 PM        WEEVA Car Show (16 Russell Hall Powers Lab)

Saturday, April 29        

        6:30--7:00 AM        Arrival of ALL teams @ road course located behind Menards/Walmart (East Business 151 to Keystone Parkway)

        7:15--7:30 AM        Mandatory driver meeting and orientation at entrance to pit area and track (Keystone Parkway)

        7:30 AM        Electrathon volunteer (lap counters and pit timers) meet at start line (mandatory) 

        7:45--8:45 AM        Electrathon Heat #1 (mandatory 1-minute pit stop required) 

        8:30 AM        Begin staging/fueling Supermileage vehicles 

        8:45 AM--2:45 PM        Supermileage Session (Depending on number of cars this could be shortened by 1 hour)

        3:00--4:00 PM        Electrathon Heat #2 (no pit stop required)

        4:00--4:30 PM        Clean up

        4:30 PM        Awards Ceremony - Supermileage and Electrathon