2017 Copper Basin 300

Board of Directors

President: Jason Severs

Vice President: Jamey Kemp

Secretary: Morgan Gantz

Treasurer: Richard Dennis

Director (Operations): Kari Rogers

Director (Sponsorships): Ty Kuiper

Director (Media): Vacant

Jason Severs

(Director, President)


Jason is Pastor for Old Paths Baptist Church in Glennallen, Alaska. He is an avid outdoorsman, and enjoys snowmachining.

Jamey Kemp

(Director, Vice President)


Kari Rogers

(Director, Operations)


Kari is a full-time Mom and homeschool teacher who would rather be in the midst of another Alaska outdoor adventure with friends and family, than anywhere else in the world.

                                                    Morgan Gantz

                                              (Director, Secretary)


Morgan fell in love with the Copper Basin in 2013 when she first came to Alaska to work in federal public land management. She grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin where her outdoor adventures began. Last year, she volunteered at a CB300 checkpoint and loved meeting mushers and being in the scene of the race. In her free time, Morgan especially enjoys hiking with her dogs, foraging wild plants, camping, splitboarding, snowmachining, and cross country skiing.

Richard Dennis

(Director, Treasurer)

Richard is Co-Owner of Red Eagle Lodge in Chistochina. He has served as President of the CB300, President of the Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce, and continues to serve on both boards. Richard enjoys snowmachining and is interested in developing tourism in the Copper River Basin.


Ty Kuiper

(Director, Sponsorships)


 Ty is a lifelong Alaskan. Born in Anchorage and raised on Kodiak Island, Ty grew up with a love of and passion for the outdoors & competition. Ty volunteered for his first CB300 in 2015, was captivated by the athletes, racers and the grassroots volunteers efforts dedicated to the race, and joined the board in 2016.

Jan Miller


 Jan is a new recreational musher whose team is made up of “retired”  sled dogs. She is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hunting, fishing, and camping. She supports the sport of mushing because it is rich in Alaska’s traditions. She enjoys introducing youth to the sport of dog mushing to perpetuate the future of mushing and healthy outdoor lifestyles.