Project Wingman Texture Modding Guide


Welcome to my modding guide for Project Wingman. This guide is just an initial run through of what will eventually evolve into a much larger and involved process as time goes on from release Be on the lookout for better guides in the future. Before we begin, I would like to thank RBD2 and FlyAwayNow(FlyAwayNow) for giving me permission to make this guide.

I will be providing download links for the basic tools that will be required for this guide. However, I must make it clear that any asset you wish to edit must be obtained through your own legal copy of the game.

This guide also assumes that you know the basic steps of the process. I am not here to hold your hand. You will have to get the files from your local copy of the game yourself, as I will not provide them for you.


UnrealPak by FluffyQuack (To pack the files once you are done)

Header7 (Used to convert .ubulks into editable textures)

Header7 Python Version (This bypasses the first Header7’s .dds check, which allows you to simply convert .dds without much confusion) 

Getting Started

Get the two downloads from above and extract them somewhere you will remember them.

Create a set of folders in the same place you put UnrealPak. For aircraft textures, they are located in the following directory:

ProjectWingman\Content\Assets\Objects\Aircraft\[Aircraft Name]\Textures\Skin

For UnrealPak, your folders should be as follows:

Content\ProjectWingman\Content\Assets\Objects\Aircraft\[Aircraft Name]\Textures\Skin

Please note that some aircraft have unique file paths, ensure you double check your directories.

The first Content folder will be used to drag and drop into UnrealPak. Failure to have this file path will result in your custom textures not working.

For aircraft textures, there are three files you will need. For this guide, I will use the F-14 as an example. Because I am using the F-14, my file path will be as follows:


The files you will need:




XX is the number of the skin. For this, I will be editing F14_01.

Do not touch or edit the .uasset/.uexp. These files do need to be in the directory, however we will only be editing the .ubulk.

Drag and drop the .ubulk into header7.exe. Select option 1 for DXT1 4K. This will create a .dds file you can edit. I will be using GIMP since it’s free and relatively easy to use. Once you’re done editing the texture in whatever program you’re using, you should export the file with these settings:

The file size should relatively remain the same. Failure to do this will cause the game to be unable to load the texture properly. Drag and drop your edited .dds into header7.exe.                  It should automatically create a new .ubulk. Move this new .ubulk into your content folder, the same one we created for UnrealPak. For me, it will be:


In this directory, you should have three files, the same files as mentioned previously.

Now it’s time to pack these files. Drag and drop the first ‘Content’ into: UnrealPak-Without-Compression.bat

This will create a new .pak. Rename this new .pak into whatever you’d like, however ensure you have a _P at the end of the filename to make sure the game loads your modded texture. For me, I used the following:


Go to your Project Wingman directory and navigate to the folder where the game’s .pak is located. From there, create a new folder titled ‘~mods’. Drag and drop your .pak mod into the ~mods folder. Your directory should look similar to this:

Project Wingman\ProjectWingman\Content\Paks\~Mods

If you’ve done everything right, the game should load fine and you should be able to find your modded texture! Here is my poorly edited pink F-14 ingame.