TA Yr6 - S1  I can investigate Code

Today you are going to investigate HTML code and what it is used for. You will use basic code to create a favourites web page. You will refer to a glossary to help - there are many instructions, they are available online- you will pick the ones that are most useful!

We will start by looking at webpage!  We will highlight key code - you will then investigate this further. You will need to use your maths and literacy skills to help create a web page of your own.  

Steps to Success

Self Assessment

What is HTML?

 Code to control models    ◻           Code for creating web pages ◻

I know how to use basic HTML  code

If I start a  line of text with this tag what am I doing?     <p>

Creating a space ◻         Creating a new paragraph ◻

Which tag ends a  paragraph   <p> or <\p>         __________

Give an example of the use of HTML code.

What does the HTML code you have created display?


I understand basic HTML code.

Which one of these is the correct HTML tag for the largest heading?

 <h6>  or  <h1>  ________________

What does the tag <strong> mean?

Make text stand out (bold)  ◻

Underline text  ◻

I have an extended understanding or HTML tags

When would you use this HTML code?  (Tick the right one)

 <img src=" https://computing-files.wordpress.com/picture.jpg"

Code used to format text  ◻

Code used to locate images for a webpage ◻