Take Action for Strong #CAValuesAct

August - September 2017

We need your help: the most reactionary forces, including AG Jeff Sessions, CA State Sheriffs Association, and Cal Chiefs Association, are lining up against our California Values. Along with Sessions, the Sheriffs are determined to bully Governor Brown and legislative leaders into weakening SB 54.

Take action today to advocate for a strong, pro-immigrant #CAValuesAct (SB 54 - De Leon)! If passed, the bill will take important steps forward to protect immigrant communities in CA by:

Every call, action, tweet, and photo counts! Please take action today for CA Values Act:

Organize an action in your area

Tell the Governor Brown to Support the #CAValuesAct

Commit Assembly Members to California Values

Show up for CA Values on September 7 in Sacramento

#MyCAValues Individual Endorsement & Selfie/Video Campaign

Join a Local Action!

Phone bank with ACLU for Bail Reform (SB10) & the CA Values Act (SB54)

Bay Resistance and Rapid Response Phone Bank


Legislative Processes and Timeline


Organize an action in your area

Organize an action in your area to help build the momentum for CA Values. Some ideas include:

Take Public Action to Call on Gov. Brown: Governor Brown has made public statements raising concerns about the bill, and the CA Sheriffs Association has also stated that they are talking to the Governor about SB 54. Why is Governor Brown talking to the sheriffs and not the community? Organize an action at the local level and demand that Governor Brown support a strong California Values Act! Organize the action at the local city hall, county government building, or state building if there is one near you. The more visible calls of action towards the Governor, the more he will hear us.

Protest the Sheriffs:  The CA Sheriffs Association has continued its attacks on the California Values Act despite the growing momentum for SB 54. If the local sheriff is involved in deportations, protest them and highlight their complicity in the deportation business. Connect the Sheriff’s complicity to their bullying of Governor Brown to weaken SB 54, and call on Governor Brown to take a strong stand on the California Values Act.

Raise the pressure on Assemblymembers: If your Assemblymember has yet to take a position in support of the bill, organize a group to do a delegation to the district office. Make sure that local leaders who have been impacted by deportations are at the forefront of any visits. If your member refuses to give you a position of support on the bill, strategize with your group and if appropriate, go back to the district office and don’t leave until a support answer is given.

Tell the Governor Brown to Support the #CAValuesAct

Governor Jerry Brown must show his support in the strongest ways for the California Values Act (SB 54). Just as the legislature is taking action on the bill, the Governor needs to make it clear, once and for all, that he supports strong protections for the immigrant community against the Trump administration’s deportation machine.

Call: 916-445-2841

Sample script: My name is _____, and I am calling to ask Governor Brown to support a strong California Values Act, SB 54, in its most visionary form. We cannot use California's resources to help the Trump administration deport our community members. Is the  Governor supporting a strong CA Values Act?

En español: Hola, mi nombre es _____ y estoy llamando para pedirle a gobernador Brown que apoye la Acta de Valores de California, SB 54, en su versión más vigorosa. No podemos dejar que los recursos del estados sean usados para que la administración de Trump deporte a nuestras comunidades. ¿Cuento con el apoyo del gobernador en la propuesta de la Acta de Valores de California?

Tweet at Governor Brown:

Commit Assembly Members to California Values

Find public events your local electeds may be attending to secure a concrete commitment of their support on CA Values Act. Ask directly, “Will you support our immigrant communities and vote YES on CA Values Act, SB 54?”

Schedule an in-district visit or drop by the district office to talk to a staffer or the member about supporting SB 54. Share why CA Values Act is important to you and your community.

Call and tweet at these Assemblymembers, and please report back on what the office said by filling out the following form. Here are their numbers:

Northern CA

Central CA

Southern CA

Sample Script: “Hello, my name is _______ and I am calling to ask Assemblymember ________ to support a strong SB 54, the California Values Act, in its most visionary form. California must lead and protect our immigrant communities against increasing attacks from Trump’s deportation machine, whether it’s the pardon of racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio or canceling DACA. Will  Assemblymember ____ support SB 54?

En español: “Hola, mi nombre es ______ y estoy llamando para pedirle a el/la Asambleísta _______ que apoye la Acta de Valores de California, SB 54, en su versión más potente. California debe liderar y proteger a nuestras comunidades inmigrantes en contra de los ataques de Trump y su máquina de deportaciones, ya sea cuando él protege a alguaciles racistas como Arpaio, o al cancelar el programa DACA. ¿Puedo contar con el apoyo de el/la asambleísta para la SB 54?”

Sample Tweets:

Show up for CA Values on September 7 in Sacramento

Show up for CA Values_9.7.png

Join the ICE out of California Coalition for a statewide day of mobilization at the state Capitol as we urge assembly members and Governor Jerry Brown to support the California Values Act (SB 54). The time for state leaders to protect immigrant communities from Trump’s deportation machine is now!

When: September 7, 2017

Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Where: State Capitol 1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Transportation may be available in different regions, depending on capacity. Food will be provided. More information will be sent upon submission.

Register here: bit.ly/sept7cavalues

#MyCAValues Individual Endorsement & Selfie/Video Campaign

Take a selfie using the selfie form attached below explaining who you are (an educator, health care professional, librarian, legal professional, business owner, anti-poverty advocate, etc.) and why you support the CA Values Act (SB 54). After taking your selfie, please post it to social media (Twitter & Facebook) using the hashtags #CAValuesAct and #MyCAValues. Please also send your photo toFelicia Gomez fgomez@caimmigrant.org so we can compile all of the photos here: http://bit.ly/2thqFyB

Post a video to your social media pages explaining who you are and why you support the CA Values Act. After posting, please email Felicia Gomez a copy at fgomez@caimmigrant.org

Continue sharing the individual endorsement form with your family, friends, and colleagues to help uplift additional support for the bill. Individuals can sign onto the endorsement link here: http://bit.ly/2rXpnJ9. You can also use the social media graphic attached below.

For any questions, contact Felicia Gomez with the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) at fgomez@caimmigrant.org.

Join a Local Action!

Are you organizing a phone bank or other local actions in support of the CA Values Act? Please email us to share your action or event at: ssuh@caimmigrant.org


Join us for two phone banks in support of SB 54, the CA Values Act, on the following dates:

RSVP for the phone banks to maya@ncjwla.org. Laptop or tablet and cell phone required. Co-Hosted by Bend The Arc and Temple Israel of Hollywood

Legislative Processes and Timeline

Thanks to organizing and advocacy, the CA Values Act has passed out of multiple committees in both the Senate and the Assembly. Yet there are still many steps. The process is as follows:

Assembly Appropriations


 Assembly Floor


Senate Floor (Concurrence Vote)


Governor’s Desk


July 21st to August 20th – Legislature is on Summer Recess.  Elected Officials will be in their districts so this is an opportunity to increase in-district pressure (attend town halls, organize direct meetings with the Member in district, etc)  

August 23rd – Potential Assembly Appropriations Committee Hearing @ 9 am in Rm. 4202

August 30th – Potential Assembly Appropriations Committee Hearing @ 9 am in Rm. 4202

August 31st or September 1st – Assembly Appropriations Committee Hearing to dispense with Appropriations Suspense File

September 5th to 15th – Assembly Floor Vote & Senate Concurrence Vote.  Last day of Session is Sept. 15th.  (Note: SB 54 is a simple majority vote bill.)

September 15th to October 15th – Legislation under Governor's consideration for signature or veto. The deadline for the Governor to take action is Oct. 15th


Fact sheet on California Values Act: SB 54 - English

Fact sheet on California Values Act: SB 54 - Spanish

Talking points available upon request - please email jrodney@caimmigrant.org




Last updated: 9/11/17. Please do not share this guide on social media or on platforms you do not fully trust.