Victoria Academy Etiquette Guide

In Victoria Academy, etiquette is essential. You’re asked to follow it at all time.

Etiquette breaches can be punished, but constant break of etiquette will increase the punishment severity (e.g. Spanking - Public Spanking - Lines - Essays - Groundings)

I. In a room or group of people outside

When entering or leaving, do not bulge in and interrupt a conversation. Wait for a proper moment to greet or ask to leave.

When entering:
First greet people, respectfully. "
Howdy", "Hiya", "Yabadabadoo" are not accepted.
First greet the staff, as follows:
Greetings", "Hello", "Good evening/morning/afternoon" followed by honorific and the last name of the person (e.g. not Stiina, but Pi'ne), without shortening it (not Mr. P ).

Exception is Mr B, who wants to be called Mr B and generally anyone who tells you to call them otherwise.
After that, even if in the same sentence, greet your peers.
If staff is present and you want to sit, ask if you may sit and wait for permission to sit down. If no staff replies in one minute, sit down by yourself.

When leaving:
Ask permission to leave the room, if staff is present. If no staff replies in one minute, excuse yourself and leave the room, after saying good byes.
Say good byes, with the same rules you did when entering.

If someone else enters
If a staff member enters the room (or the area outside, if sitting on benches let's say), stand and wait to be allowed to sit back down.
If we have a visitor, greet them standing. It's the same I would do and I find it common politeness. Be polite if they are potential teachers, use honorifics if they seem to have potential for us (use your judgement), talk to them as with a school staff member (it doesn't mean they are allowed to boss you around or touch you, they are not and that should be reported).

II. On Campus Streets

Always stop and greet staff, as above.
Ask permission to carry on your way.
If ignored for one minute, excuse yourself and leave.

III. In Class

Wait for the teacher standing by your desk. Do not sit until they tell you to sit.
Do not talk without raising your hand and being appointed, except if asked otherwise.
When you raise your hand, if what you want to say is long and you observe that the teacher is accepting comments and answers, try to write what you have to say before you're appointed.
Do not sit back until you are told to sit. If the teacher forgets, call it bad luck and remain standing.
Use proper sits in the class desk, do not sleep on the desk or make bored faces, it's very rude and considered over-bratting.
If another teacher enters into the classroom during the class, every student should stand to greet them, and quickly sit back.
If you are late in class, ask permission in IM to come to class. If you are allowed, walk in quietly, greet the teacher and wait to be allowed to sit.
Do not start the hi-hi-hi train with the other students in the middle of the class, or generally do not start it in the middle of any activity that's not a simple chat.
If you need to leave the class early, ask the teacher before the class starts. Before leaving, ask again if you are allowed to give, permission should be given (because it was discussed before) and leave quietly. If you don't know beforehand, apologize in IM and do the same in Nearby, asking the teacher.
Never just TP away from class because you are bored or you just decided you don't feel like class. It's what you signed in for.

IV. Language

Do not swear or use foul language.
When asked something, answer using honorific and capitalize.
Do not try to rudely change the topic or goal of the conversation, if something is happening.
Do not speak over staff and generally over other people.
Always add, never disrupt.
Do not have drama and fights in front of other people that have nothing to do with it.

V. Honorifics

You may use:
Sir, Miss, Ma'am, Mrs., Ms., Mr.
Never use:
Mistress, Master

The fact you don't like a teacher or you agreed not to play with them, does not excuse you from rules, from school side they have our stamp. It's your business what you do in private.