Beyond Basic Genealogy; Issue 2

FALL Session 2015

INSTRUCTOR: Margaret M. Harris

Oct. 1st, 2015

I hope that by now, you have pulled your genealogy stuff out of the closet and are giving yourself the gift of a few minutes dedicated to research.  You can accomplish something of significance in this area in just a few focused minutes  One of my favorite articles on that topic is contained in the link on my blog, where I talk about October being a Family History Month thing.   Go to the blog and click on “Older Posts”; look for Halloween icons!


(Make notes on the back, then go home and think/do/!:        

  1.  Genealogy Software for Your Computer:  Do You Have One?_______; (yes or no).  If yes, then please share the name of your program:_______________________________.
  2. Do you have an subscription?_______(yes or no); Do you have any other online subscriptions that you pay money for?  Circle or comment:  a.) Fold 3,              b.) Genealogy Bank c.) d.) Other?___________________________________.
  3. Do you have an account at  (Free)
  4. If you don’t have an Ancestry account, do you know of at least two places where you can use Ancestry?
  5. Do you have an online Family Tree?  If so, is it public?  What website(s) feature your family tree?
  6. Did you understand the discussion about “Gedcoms”?  ________; Have you tried to export your genealogy data in the Gedcom format?_______.
  7. Do you understand and practice networking and/also called Collaboration?________
  8. Where do you store your family photos?  If you store them in various places or ways, please share on the back of this paper.
  9. Where and how do you preserve and/or share family stories, anecdotes, and memories?  Tell us on the back of this paper.
  10.  Have you got family members that could “Help”! with research, digitizing pictures, organization, etc.?__________
  11.   Is anyone in your circle willing to do a family newsletter or a blog?__________, or to help you do one?
  12.   How free do  you feel asking help from the following sources when you’re stuck?  Indicate a 5 if you feel very comfortable….down to 1 if you don’t feel very comfortable in seeking help.  
  1. e-mail teacher=moi                                Score (1-5)_________
  2. go to the Family HIstory Center                Score (1-5)_________
  3. team up with family members                Score (1-5)_________
  4. attend a National Genealogical Conference        Score (1-5)_________
  5. attend a local genealogy society                Score (1-5)_________
  1. Guess where the next NGS Conference is going to be?!!!


  1.  Go to the Cafe on Campus and eat with some folks from class.
  2. Take a genealogy field trip.
  3. If you want to receive genealogy tips from Val on Facebook, please let her know:  or just Facebook her: Val Waldron Moreland.  If you want to join a Facebook Group called Friends of NWFL Genealogy, please give your facebook name to Margaret or facebook her at Margaret Marie Harris (we have 44 in the group, now!)
  4. (Search a place)
  5. Using Funeral Home Records for Genealogy Research:
  6. Calendar of Genealogy Events:
  7. Genealogy Tip of the Day:
  8. Genetic Genealogy Tests Chart:
  9. Genealogy Blog:
  10. Where to Look for Naturalization Records:
  11. Creating a Memory Book in Shutterfly: 
  12. 5th SC Infantry:
  13. Free Genealogy Forms:
  14. Preserve the 1812 Pensions:
  15. Look it up:,_Alabama
  16. Georgia Pioneers:
  17. Free Family Tree Software; download is FREE--; there is a free option for putting your tree online, BUT...
  18. Free Family Tree (Online):