This is the Story of how avalanches come to Switzerland.

One Monday morning I woke up and got ready for school. After I got ready I leaped in the car as mum dropped me off at Russell Street School gate. I yelled out “Byee” as she zoomed away in the car.

“Today we are going to do a class project on birds” Miss Smith made the class go quiet. “You will do this project in twos, and created something for the science fair of birds.” I gave a quick look at my smart friend Ruby. She nodded her head. After class the only thing that me a ruby could talk about was birds we arranged for Ruby to come to my house after school for a few hours so we had time to do our project together.

“I will make a dove out of PVA glue so it will be strong and will not break when we display it.” “ Good idea!” I will carry on putting information on our board” A few hours later. Knock Knock. “Hello” my mum started talking “I think it might be your mum” I told Ruby. “ Yeah, I better get ready.

“ Have you got your project” Mum called out to me. “Yep. Can you put it in the boot for me while I pack my bag” “Sure”. As soon as I had finished packing I took a dive for the car as mum pulled out of the driveway. The school hall was dark when we first got there. “Are you sure we are not here to early” mum said anxiously “ MUM, it is 7:30 we are definitely not here to early” “The hall is always dark, Look over there it’s Ruby” After we had set up lots of different schools started pouring in the doorway. “Hello, and welcome to Russell Street School’s Science Fair” I got quite board after a while. When Miss Smith talks she talks forever. “The Winner Of Russell Street School Science Fair is..” “Tweet” “what was that!” I heared someone shout. Another one Screamed ‘’AHHHHH” “Look mum it is my PVA glue bird it is alive. “TWEET! TWEET!’’ Someone trapped the poor bird. “Ding Ding” Mrs Smith tapped her glass. “The Winner Of 2016 RSS Science fair is…” “EMILY AND RUBY!!!!” “YAYYY” I high fived ruby. When went up t collect our award I felt so extremly happy’’ But I was also sad, sad about the poor bird. So i decided to set it free. I snuck through the crowd while Miss smith was giving awards out. When I found the bird I started to fiddle with the lock

“Ouch” Iwhispered the bird bit me. Finally I got the lock open and the bird Dlew ot the window while giving the evil eye.

People say that the bird flew to antartica and he was trying to send avalanches to New Zealand but he never reached here but always hit Switzerland.

By Emily