Will the launch by YouTube of 100 online channels of original programming have a major impact on the online TV market?

Announcement itself of launch of YT channels might have impact on the online tv market but it will take time before the real effect takes place - quality of content and technical quality is important but not key reason for online viewers. Also viewing habits are important. As Jim Grillo, I am also interested in the business model - “Google will fork out up to $100m to producers as an enticement to launch channels, will see about 25 hours of new, original programming a day.”??? Are those going to be paid channels?  Even with growing producers market for digital tv sets and faster bandwidths, it will still take time to move from PC viewing to livingroom viewing, not to mention that free linear tv is still available. Summarizing - if overinvested this might be another discontinued project, done right will be fundation for further future.

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