Tutorial Research

This task has two parts. Make sure to complete both:

Part 1: Inquire

Part 2:  Describe

Part 1: Inquire

Inquire into what makes a great tutorial. Research and review 3 - 5 tutorials on a topic of your choice (music, video games, cooking, technology, drawing, origami, skateboarding, etc) and evaluate each tutorial in the table below. Make sure each tutorial is created by a different person. Include at least 2 comments with reasons for each box below.

Tutorial Topic



What did the creator do well?

Why was it good?

What was hard to understand?

Why wasn’t it helpful?


How to draw a cartoon pizza

  1. Good lighting because there were no shadows coming from his hand and didn’t change the color of the drawing.
  2. Easy to follow and a slow speed because I could follow easily and he was telling what he was drawing while he was drawing.
  1. He has an accent so I couldn’t understand some things he was saying so I think he should of added subtitles.
  2. At some points his hand covered the drawing so I couldn't see the whole drawing so it was hard to see what he was drawing.


How to draw a snake

  1. The lighting was good so there weren’t much shadows and and it was easy to see the black lines.
  2. His english was good so I could under understand what he was saying except the he was quiet.
  1. bad quality so I couldn’t see well and he was drawing too lightly.  
  2. His voice was soft so I couldn't hear what he was saying  so I missed some important details and it it might of turned out wrong.


How to draw a dragon head

  1. He was good to speed up the video a bit so we wouldn't get bored and stop watching.
  2. He told us that he could love to see our work at the end so we would try to draw what he did and he could see it.
  1. while he was making the video he didn’t talk at all until the end so it was hard to follow what he was doing and my final product might not look the same.
  2. his hand covered up the drawing too much so  it was hard to see what he was doing.


How to draw Elsa

  1. She speed up the video so watchers wouldn't get bored and quit watching.
  2. The music matched what she was drawing so you wouldn't get distracted.
  1. Her nails were too distracting so it was hard to focus on her drawing.
  2. She didn’t talk at all just music so I will have to pause the video too much to see what she was doing.


How to draw a glass of water

  1. At the end he showed what he used so I could make the drawing my self.
  2. he fast forwarded it to the watchers wouldn’t get bored and stop watching.
  1. The music didn’t match what he was drawing so I got distracted and couldn't focus.
  2. He didn’t talk so I didn’t know what he was drawing and I got lost so it might of turned out different.


How to Draw a Cartoon Penguin

  1. She used both her voice and video of her drawing so we could see what she was doing as she was doing. This was good because having a voice over helped me understand her better and seeing the steps let me copy what she was doing.
  2. She used comparisons like “eyebrows” and “feet like Kirby”. This is good because it helped me connect to something I already knew so I knew what it should it look like.

Part 2:  Describe

Now that you have seen at least 3 tutorials, decide which one was best and why. Include as many details as you can:

In my opinion the best tutorial I watched was….

This was the best tutorial because….

It was kinda fun to watch him draw all the shapes and listen to the music and seeing how he drew it.

At the end he showed what he used and there were no shadows on the page and it made me want to draw it.