The Director will evaluate all employees under his/her direct supervision.  The Director will work with branch managers to evaluate all other staff in their respective libraries.  Evaluations will occur once each calendar year.  

Employees will participate in their first evaluation after completing six (6) months of employment.

Upon completion of each evaluation, the Director will propose an annual written training plan for each employee.  The Director will work directly with branch managers and employees to evaluate training tasks and made additions/deletions.  The training plan will include task purposes, target dates, and follow-up evaluations.

Each employee will receive a copy of their annual evaluation form at least two (2) weeks prior to their evaluation interview.  The employee is required to complete the evaluation in full  as a self-evaluation tool.  The employee must return the completed evaluation to the Director by the date assigned by the Director.

Annual evaluation interviews are not disciplinary hearings.  They are intended to provide an overview of the employee’s performance as compared to expectations.  The employee is required to acknowledge his/her receipt of the evaluation’s findings, regardless of whether said employee agrees with the evaluation’s findings.

Evaluation results will become part of the employee’s permanent file and may be considered when the Director is evaluation promotions, raises, and similar employment activities.

Self evaluation:

 A self assessment is an employee’s narrative description of accomplishments related to the job objectives and associated contributing factors identified on the employee’s performance plan. The self assessment should provide the supervisor with a clear picture of the employee’s perception of his or her own performance and contributions.

Evaluation interview:

The interview process is the opportunity to:

Training Plan requirements: