France’s Gourmet School Lunches Video


  1. What do French schools publish on their menus besides the lunch offering?

  1.  What do French schools aim to introduce children to?

  1. Why do French schools take great precautions to keep food safe?

  1. What kinds of things are cleaned and disinfected in school cafeterias?

  1. Why do school cafeterias keep small samples of every food that is served?

  1. Why is eating thought of as a pleasure in French culture? What is shared during a meal?

  1. Why does the chef make his own fish stock?

  1. Consider the high school menu we are shown – roast beef, ratatouille in puff pastry, fresh vegetables, mussels, escargot. Would you be interested in eating like this? Why or why not?



Create a chart to explain how school lunch in France is similar to and different from American school lunch.


AMERICAN                                         SIMILAR                                   FRENCH