Technology News February 1, 2013

Technology Meeting Results

Introduction of New Webpage

Shawnee Locals Schools webpage is owned and designed by Technology Services.  Despite becoming a great communicative tool for our district it is also viewable on any device, (smartphone, tablet or computer).  The fact that any device can access our site allows us to utilize apps as well as begin creating our specific apps for our district.

Webpage Information

The main page of our webpage needs to be updated often with current events and highlights that represent all of Shawnee Schools.  Please feel free to forward to our department items that you would like to have placed on the front page of our site.  The building Sysop can verify pictures of students  to determine if they have signed off on giving us permission to post on the web.  Please make sure you include the names of the students for the Sysops to verify from the signed forms.

Google Apps

Shawnee Schools will be transitioning over the next couple of years  from Microsoft Office into Google Apps.  The reason for this transition are many, but most importantly is the fact that Google Apps is a platform free productivity tool that functions from the “Cloud” on any device.  This means that wherever you have Internet connection and on any device you have your files.  In addition, the collaboration feature of Google Apps will be a tremendous tool for staff and students to share documents in real time.

One more major advantage is that Google Apps are free for education.

Creating a Google Apps Document

  1. Create a Document
  2. Change Title of Document
  3. Click on “Share” in the right hand corner
  4. At the bottom of the screen add people that you want to share with--Note they would have to login to the Google Server in order to setup their account before you can add them.
  5. Type in the name of those to share and select “can edit”.
  6. Share and Save--Done
  7. Type info on your document.

eTech’s Implemented in the High School

In the 2013-2014 school year we will be implementing a new course for high school students titled eTech’s.  This program will begin teaching students technology curriculum that will help support the transition of our technology initiatives.  For example helping students and teachers transition into Google Apps.  We hope to expand this curriculum into the Middle School as well.

eLc’s Proposed to Board Of Education

  The board of education is considering a proposal of establishing targeted staff members to become technology support staff.

Shawnee Local Schools E-Learning Consultants

Shawnee Local Schools E Learning Consultants (eLc’s) will have responsibilities centered on supporting teaching and learning through the use of technology.  The eLc’s will be responsible for the following:


  • Seeking out, learning, and supporting research based, best practice instructional strategies through the use of technology and facilitating professional development.


  • Investigating and learning the latest trends and tools in emerging technologies and providing building wide professional development to support these technological tools.

Google Drive

Logging into SLSD Google Apps Server

Step one in order to login to Google Apps you must change your password if you have not done so in the past couple of weeks.  Changing your password will allow you to maintain one login to Outlook, ProgressBook, DASL, Staff Directory and now Google Apps.  Please note that Google Apps is specifically setup for Shawnee Schools to allow collaboration with all users on our network.  Changing your password simply click on Ctrl, Alt, Del simultaneously and choose change password.

Located on our new webpage under eLearning and Technology is an apps portal.  Click on Google Drive and you will see this login:

Simply type in your network username and your network password to gain access to your account.

E-Learning Consultants Continued

  • Knowing and understanding legal rules and guidelines surrounding technology use and providing teacher training in the areas of electronic safety and etiquette.

eLc’s will play a critical role in the success of your building’s eLearning based professional development.  Therefore, your eLc’s must possess some important skills and qualities.  Here are several of the key qualities that your eLc’s should be able to demonstrate.

  • Innovation in the use of technology to drive classroom instruction.
  • The ability to lead change and communicate well with other staff members.
  • Willingness to provide ongoing and regular professional development for staff members in regard to technology.
  • Interest and willingness in participating as a member of the Shawnee Schools eLearning Team.

For the 2012-2013 school year we will be focusing on:

  • growing and strengthening our eTech’s program.
  • Supporting the transition to Google Apps for Education.
  • Companion Sites
  • Continuing the move toward cloud-based applications.
  • Digital Citizenship for adults and students,
  • Increased student use of technology (including mobile devices),
  • And more.....


A stipend will be paid by Shawnee Schools Board of Education.

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