Registration, breakfast and building the board


Keynote: Tom Rinaldi, author of The Red Bandanna (followed by signing)


Session 1 workshops


Session 2 workshops


Session 3 workshops


Educators: Reflection Roundtables & final door prizes

Authors: Lunch


Author Meet and Greet

How Does This “Nerd Camp” Thing Work?

Nerd Camp is an EdCamp, which means that we build the board for workshops based on what teachers want to learn about. We put the schedule into a hyperlinked Google Doc. (To see a completed workshop schedule from Nerd Camp in Michigan, click here. It was awesome!) Here’s what an “old school” board looks like (photo courtesy of EdCamp Boston).


There are lots of ways you might choose to participate at Nerd Camp. Just showing up and going to workshops is perfectly fine, but you can also take on any of the roles below:

Pay It Forward

Have you recently presented at a national conference such as NJEA, NCTE, CEL, ISTE, ASCD, AP or ILA?  Have you presented a workshop within your own department, district or county? Would you like to share what you’ve already presented with local teachers? Rinse and repeat your workshop on May 20th for the folks at #nErDCampNJ!

Take a Shot

Do you and/or a colleague have a special passion you’d love to share with others, even though you haven’t ever presented at a conference before? Nerd Camp is a great place to try your hand at presenting for a small cohort of dedicated and supportive professionals. Share your expertise for the good of all!

Ask for Help

Do you wish you knew more about a certain area of literacy instruction? (For example: podcasting, blogging, Google Docs, conferencing with students, book recommendations, curriculum mapping.) Post a shout out on our workshop board and crowdsource to get answers in your own personalized workshop. Others will be grateful you asked!

Pick and Choose:

At EdCamps, we “vote with our feet.” That means that if you’re in a workshop that doesn’t work for you… you can leave! And it’s okay! It is not considered taboo to find another workshop and attend that one “fashionably late.” Give yourself permission to develop yourself professionally in whatever way you see fit.

Join the Remind Group for #nErDCampNJ by texting @g6ahf to 81010. You’ll get workshop schedules and updates throughout the day sent directly to your phone.