As the night set in a sleeping city, the shadows were playing tricks on houses. As the other shadows threw a stone at the library’s  window and started to laugh, there was only one that did not think it was funny and his name was Tom. Tom was a shadow that wanted to be alone most of the time because he felt so empty. He was left out all the time.

In sadness because of his friends, he slowly climbed up to the roof, looked at the swirly moon and then looked at the town in shame. Tom looked at his family in shame too. His heart was in pain but then it stopped when he saw a glowing light in the Librarians window. He decided to go to pay the light a visit so he wasn’t alone. Tom rushed down the drain pipe onto the street and through the door. He climbed up the mans body and stood next to the candle.

Tom was surprised, it was so beautiful and his heart started to pound. It started to get faster and faster, until he thought it was going to explode. He started to get closer and closer to touch the candle but when he did he got burnt so he ran far away from it as fast as he could. He was frightened and the candle started to cry. She was so close to having her first love.

From a distance, Tom and the candle looked at each other. The candle turned around and the man was there ready to blow her out. She gasped in surprise, and then it was over.

He felt like he could not breathe, that was the feeling of his heart breaking. Tom ran straight to her and then he experienced his first ever tear. Tom was so upset that he could smash a car. The man who had no good looks had gone to bed by now,so Tom was scared of nothing. He got out the matches and tried to get the candle back to life but it did not work because when he tried to pick up a match it was too heavy, so he dropped it.

In the end Tom burnt himself to ashes and that was the end of him. All his friends had left of him was him in their hearts and his ashes. From that day on they wished they did not ignore him.