“I vow with my sword and my soul to live the warrior’s life until the end. That is the answer I have found!”

Name: Himura Kenshin

Nicknames: Hitokiri Battousai

Age: 28 or so

Weapons and Attacks: Sakabatou, Hiten Mitsurugi. Do Ryu Sen, So Ryu Sen, Ryu So Sen, Ryu Sho Sen, Ryu Tsui Sen, Ryu Kan Sen (Tsumuji), Kuzu Ryu Sen, Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki

Love Interest: Tomoe (past), Kaoru (present)

Closest Friends: Sano and Yahiko

Enemies: Hiruma brothers, Jinei, Takeda Kanryu, Raijuta, Shishio, Saitou, Enishi and himself

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Born to peasant farmers, he was originally named Shinta. Shinta was powerless to prevent his parents and older brothers from dying of cholera. Shortly thereafter, he was sold into slavery, where he was befriended by three sisters, Akane, Sakura and Kasumi. Only a day later, Shinta was again helpless to prevent those he loved from being killed, this time by bandits. He could only watch in stunned silence as the three young women shielded him with their bodies to protect him. Shinta would have joined them, but was rescued by a giant swordsman named Hiko Seijuro XIII. Upon seeing Shinta's maturity of spirit and desire to protect people, Hiko took Shinta as his apprentice, renaming him Kenshin or Sword Heart. For the next four years, Kenshin trained diligently under Hiko in the fastness of the mountains and Japanese wilderness, honing his sword and his heart into those of a strong warrior.

After four years Kenshin decided he had enough strength to do what he needed to do and left his master, even though his training was incomplete. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Ishin Shishi. When the leader of the Ishin Shishi saw how skilled Kenshin was, he made Kenshin a shadow assassin, or hitokiri. Now operating under the alias Hitokiri Battousai (Blade Drawing Master Assassin), Kenshin killed Tokugawa Shogunate supporters in the back alleys of Kyoto. One of the supporters, a young bodyguard was able to put up enough of a fight to slash Kenshin vertically on his left cheek.

A month later, Kenshin met a beautiful, mysterious young woman with jet black eyes who smelled strongly of white plums, or hakubaikou. Little did he know that meeting her would change his life forever.

Personality Profile: Himura Kenshin struggles to suppress his old self, Hitokiri Battousai, the cold-blooded and highly efficient assassin. The Rurouni is a gentle and rather clownish figure who loves to help people out and frequently goes all swirly eyed and says "oroooo" a lot. Despite his gentle facade, Battousai always lurks just underneath. When Kenshin is driven to rage, he reverts to Battousai and is quite vicious. Kenshin's personality shift is shown in the manga by his altered language. As Rurouni, he refers to himself as "sessha" which translates roughly as "this worthless one". As Battousai, he drops the politeness and refers to himself as "ore", a bold and rather rude personal pronoun. In the anime, his eyes change color from soft dark violet to flat cold amber when his rage is aroused.

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