You're still here?Poison treatment is a race against time!Sees Sano getting beaten up.

Name: Takani Megumi

Nicknames: Vixen, Opium Woman

Age: 22

Weapons and Attacks: None, as she is a doctor, although she does beat on Sanosuke with her medicine chest a lot.

Love Interests: Kenshin and Sano

Closest Friends: Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko

Enemies: Kanryu Takeda, Kaoru

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Takani Megumi came from a family of doctors of the Aizu region, who believed in treating all people, regardless of class or financial status. When her father, mother and brothers were called away to the Aizu Battle, Megumi was left behind because she was too young. Her father died on the battlefield, treating wounded. Her mother and two brothers went missing. At the tender age of 12, Megumi was alone in the world.

For a time, Megumi worked under a doctor she had met in her teens and continued to learn medicine from him, including how to make opium, which if used properly, is a powerful medicine. Then the doctor was murdered by opium magnate, Kanryuu Takeda. He captured Megumi and forced her to make opium for him, because the opium she knew how to make was the most powerful kind. Megumi did so and many people, including one of Sanosuke's friends died from using it.

Finally, she had enough and fled Kanryuu. She ran and hid in a gambling hall where she met up with Kenshin and Sano. Kenshin and Sano protected her from Kanryuu's men and took her back to the Kamiya dojo where she met Kaoru. Right away, the fireworks began between those two.

Personality Profile: Megumi loves to flirt with Kenshin to antagonize Kaoru. She looks down on Kaoru for being unfeminine and not as pretty as she, Megumi is. She calls Kaoru Raccoon Girl, and Kaoru calls Megumi a vixen. Megumi also has eyes for Sano, though things were rough between them at first due to Sano's friend dying from the opium she had made. I think they'll end up together though.