1. Use Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet with data you'd like to merge.
  1. Make sure you name your columns in row 1.
  1. Select menu item Add-ons > Avery Label Merge > New merge.
  2. Put your cursor in the box below. This box represents the label or name tag.
  3. Click column header names on the sidebar to insert them into the box
  4. Click Merge on the sidebar when you're done.

Label or Name Tag:

Introduction to Google Slides



Introduction to Google Slides
(formerly Google Presentation)


Objectives - Develop a Google Slide Show (Presentation)

What You Can Do With Google Slides

Best Practices

Everyone has their own presentation style, but here are a few tips for presenting:


Getting Started

You can also learn more:

 To start using Google Slides, simply sign in with your Google Account.

The Slide presentation we will be creating today will contain the following slides: