Getting Started in Data Journalism

This document is designed to be a guide to help students and professional journalists get into data journalism. Please add resources and examples of stories (with Github links if applicable) below.

This is designed to be accessible for all. If a resource comes at a cost, please note it if it is not free, and please refrain from putting resources that come at exorbitant costs.

Another list of resources by Gurman Bhatia can be found here as well


  • News Nerdery Slack: This is basically a series of channels where data journalists from around the world communicate. There are channels for different coding languages, a helpme channel, a channel for students, a channel for career advice, job postings, etc. It's a great place to find out what people are talking about and everyone is super open and helpful. I asked a lot of dumb questions on there when I was starting out and frankly still ask a lot of dumb questions. The website is here and you can email to get added to it.
  • Udemy's course "Automate the Boring Stuff" is always discounted so whatever you do don't pay more than $20. Mine is quoted in British pounds but it's £12 which means it's probably $12 or $13 for you.
  • Using R for data journalism

Examples of Published Works

News Apps (creating online tools to explore data)

Data Reporting (using data analysts and computer coding to feed into traditional reporting)


Newsroom Tooling/Engineering (these are tools journalists build to help journalists report)