January 5, 2017 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Notes and pictures taken by Sister Wagner and Sister Sigaran.

Purpose:  Sister Lopez


Musical Number:  Sister Oeser accompanied by Sister Kogure – “Thy Will Be Done”



•        There is a Mission wide meeting Saturday at 8:30 am

•        Learn about moving on Saturday, but moving will actually take place Tuesday morning

Role Play:  Sisters Gunther, Fehlmann and Richins


Sisters Gunther, Fehlmann and Richins

Lesson:  Sister Elizabeth D. Rose of the Relief Society General Board

The lesson was Chapter 5 of Daughters in My Kingdom – “Charity Never Faileth”


Thoughts and scriptures from the lesson.  1 Corinthians 13:8; “Kindness is not an act, it’s a lifestyle.”

Joseph Smith said that the purpose of Relief Society is to:  “Help the poor and save souls (temporally and spiritually).



January Birthdays

 Departing Sisters singing Called to Serve

Left to Right:  Sisters Sapera, Mones, Kratzer, Eging, Wentzel, Fesoli, Expósito, Battulga, Mozos, Brito, Rauta, Hug and Carrasco