Stanford/AIM Number Theory Seminar, 2013-2014

Fridays, 12pm, 383N


September 27

Samit Dasgupta (UCSC)

On the principal minors of the Gross regulator

October 4

Robert Lemke Oliver (Stanford)

The distribution of 2-Selmer ranks and additive functions

October 11  (12:20-1:20!!)               

Zhiwei Yun (Stanford)

Moments of Kloosterman sums and modular forms

October 18

Fernando Shao (Stanford)

Quantitative bounds in Szemeredi’s theorem

October 25


J-L student seminar catch-up

November 1

Bhargav Bhatt (IAS)

The pro-etale topology (intro)

November 4, 5, 6

(see poster for place/time)

Bhargav Bhatt (IAS)

Lectures on the pro-etale topology

November 8

Yuuki Takai (Berkeley)

Indivisibility of relative class numbers of CM quadratic extensions and vanishing of relative Iwasawa invariants

November 15

Wei Zhang (Columbia)

Heegner points and a BSD Conjecture

November 22

Daniel Fiorilli (Michigan)

The distribution of the variance of primes in arithmetic progressions

November 29

Thanksgiving -- No Seminar

December 6

Mark Kisin (Harvard)

Endomorphisms of abelian varieties and lifting problems

December 7 (Saturday!)

Bay Area Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry Day (UCSC)

Here is a link to the webpage for the meeting


January 10

Stefan Patrikis (MIT)

Potential automorphy of regular self-dual motives

January 17

Daniel Kane (Stanford)

Ranks of 2-Selmer groups of twists of an elliptic curve

January 24

Yoonbok Lee (Rochester)

Zero-density estimates of a linear combination of Hecke L-functions

January 31

Bjorn Poonen (MIT)

Most odd-degree hyperelliptic curves have one rational point

February 7

Ali Altug (Columbia)

Beyond Endoscopy via the trace formula

February 14

Benedict Gross (Harvard)

Test vectors for generic representations of SO_{2n+1}

February 21

Xuhua He (HKUST/Univ.MD)

Basic loci in Shimura varieties of Coxeter type

February 28

Ruochuan Liu (ICMR, Beijing)

The eigencurve is proper

March 7 (usual time)

Dimitris Koukoulopoulous (Univ. de Montreal)

The distribution of the maximum of character sums

March 7 (3:15-4:15pm!) (joint with AG seminar)

Kiran Kedlaya (UCSD)

March 14

Davide Reduzzi (U. Chicago)

Galois representations and torsion in the coherent cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties


April 4

Bob Hough (Oxford)

Solution of the minimum modulus problem for covering systems

April 11

Shou-Wu Zhang (Princeton)

p-adic Waldspurger formula for elliptic curves

April 18

Junecue Suh (Harvard)

The standard sign conjecture on algebraic cycles: the case of Shimura varieties

April 25

Ian Petrow (ETH)

Asymptotic formulas for moments of L-functions

April 26 (Saturday!!)

Bay Area Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry Day #8

Here is a link to the webpage for the meeting.

May 2

Tasho Kaletha (Princeton)

Rigid inner forms and endoscopy

May 9

Dan Boneh (Stanford)

Using rings to obsfucate software

May 16

Dan Boneh (Stanford)

Using rings to obsfucate software II

May 23

Michael Magee (UC Santa Cruz)

Quantitative spectral gap for thin groups of hyperbolic isometries

May 30

David Zywina (Cornell)

Elliptic surfaces and the inverse Galois problem

* = to be confirmed.

Organizers: Daniel Bump, Brian Conrad, Brian Conrey, Kannan Soundararajan, Akshay Venkatesh, Zhiwei Yun.

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