Educator, Artist, Restoration, Refurbishing, Custom Wood and Metalwork


 (802) 258-1987



Hsquared                                                                                 Newfane, VT

  Carpenter                                                                                    Summer 2019

Window replacement, floating deck building, framing.

Ryerson Design                                                                      Boston, MA

  Playground Builder                                               2015, 2017, 2018 SEASONS

Chainsaw and power plane to rough-mill and shape logs into curved, scribed, custom playgrounds.  Work with chainfall and epoxy.

Loki Custom Furniture                                                        Boston, MA

  Furniture maker                                                  Short term helper 2017, 2018

Sanding, veneering, routing, installing built-ins; drilling, cutting & installing steel plate; epoxy fill and butterfly inserts; slab work.

Hook & Loop                                                                                Boston, MA

  Cabinet Maker                                                      Various Projects 2017 - 2019

Cabinetmaking, custom furniture & woodwork for museums, galleries, and offices.

MIT Museum                                                                              Boston, MA

  Installer                                                                                          2017 - 2018

Drywall, steel studs, mudding & painting.  Tech installation.

Doriss Design Workshoppe                                                  Boston, MA

  Cabinet Maker                                                            FALL 2015 - SPRING 2017

Cutting plywood, milling and shaping hardwoods, glue-ups and shop maintenance.  Welding, jig building, HVLP spray finishing (lacquer).

Eliot School of Fine Arts                                            Jamaica Plain, MA

  Teacher, Teacher’s Assistant, Shop Assistant  FALL 2011 - SPRING 2016

Basic to advanced curriculum for in-house and traveling educational programs; woodshop & historic building maintenance & management, jig & fixture building, batch prep of materials for a traveling kids’ woodshop program.

Pacific Studio                                                          Seattle, WA & Atlanta, GA

  Overhire Installer, Overhire Fabricator   SUMMER 2012 & SUMMER 2014

Interior/exterior carpentry & install work for museums, visitor’s centers, & display cabinets; shop maintenance.


Northeast Guild Meetup                                                       Strafford, VT

  Timber Framer’s Guild                                                                        2018

Volunteer team member doing layout and cutting of a small open-air pine pavillion in a weekend.

Clearwater Farm Barn Rebuild                              Willow Beach, Ontario

  Timber Framer’s Guild                                                                        2018

Volunteer team member doing layout, cutting and assembly of a large fir barn frame.

VMI Collaborative Timber Framing Project         Rockridge Baths, VA

                                                                                                             2012 - 2013

Volunteer team member doing layout, cutting and assembly of two outdoor white oak timberframe shelters.

Brownington Barn Rebuilding Project                 Brownington, VT


Volunteer team member doing layout, cutting & all hand-assembly of an historically accurate white pine timberframe barn to serve as a museum and storage.

Wason Pond Covered Bridge                                                      Chester, NH

  Timber Framer’s Guild                                                                        2011

Volunteer team member doing scribed layout and cutting of a timberframe foot bridge across a pond dam.

Making/History: HandsHouse                                          Sanok, Poland

  The Wooden Synagogue Replication Project                               2011

Travel program doing all-hand milling, hewing, scribing & lumber creation from logs for an historic replica synagogue roof project, now housed in the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.


Massachusetts College of Art and Design

BFA - Sculpture

Boston, MA

FALL 2010 - SPRING 2014

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

Visual Effects Program

Vancouver, Canada

WINTER 2008 - WINTER 2009


  • Woodworking
  • Cabinetry & Furniture
  • Machine & Shop maintenance
  • Timber framing
  • Metal work
  • MIG, TIG with mild steel
  • Jig making & fabrication
  •  Moldmaking & Lifecasting
  • Plaster, Burlap, Alginate
  • Iron casting
  •  Computer: Mac, Windows
  •  Video & Visual effects
  •  Adobe Photoshop, Sketchup
  •  Coding
  • HTML, CSS, WordPress


  •  English
  •  Spanish