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Alconost helps Golden Plains Software target Spanish speaking markets

Golden Plains Software ( is a leading provider of comprehensive computer monitoring solutions. Their products are used by businesses, schools, government agencies, network administrators and parents concerned with the use of computer related systems.

The company’s most popular product System Surveillance Pro (SSPro) is widely used to ensure:

  • custom parental control and network activity reporting
  • business network monitoring and protection

Tasks and challenges

In order to expand the product reach to markets outside of the United States, and capture the large Spanish speaking user base it was decided to do the following:


  • A significant increase in all metrics related to the Spanish speaking users
  • Spanish version of the website
  • Spanish version of SSPro program

Translation management details

During the translation process Alconost executives had to deal with SSPro UI screenshots and resources, and try the program in action, which to a large extent helped understand the core functionality and the concept behind the program.

Russell Turner, CEO of Golden Plains Software

“Golden Plains Software evaluated  several other companies before selecting Alconost for our localization needs. We needed a service that could ensure that translations were both grammatically and semantically correct. Alconost was very flexible with regard to source material and accepted a variety data types (screenshots, spreadsheets, resource files, web pages, etc) to work with. Turnaround time was quick, total cost under budget and service was very professional. We will be using Alconost for all of our future localization needs and will be recommending to others.”

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