Steamed Buns (2P) $9

Pork Belly with BBQ Spice

General TSO’s Tofu (v)

Chicken Karaage & Spicy Mayo


Sesame Crisps $3.5 (v)

Fresh Veg & Wasabi Mayo $4.5 (v)

Mixed Pickles $6 (*v)

Dashi Waffle with Chicken Karaage & Okonomiyaki Sauce $10

Kimchi $6 (*v)

Rice Bowls

Braised Pork & Kimchi $13.5

Spicy Chicken Mince & Egg $13.5

Tofu, Mixed Mushroom & Eggplant (v*) $12.5


Cookie $3

Fried Bread Cassia Sugar & Golden Syrup $5


All made with our handmade noodles

Tonkotsu $13

Pork Broth, Pork Belly, Sprouts, Fried Onion, Pickled Cucumber, Nori

Spicy Tonkotsu $14.5

Pork Broth, Pork Belly, Spring Onion, Egg, Pickled and Toasted Chilli

Spicy Chicken $14.5

Chicken Broth, Spiced Chicken Mince, Spring Onion, Pickled and Toasted Chilli

Lemon Chicken $16.5

Chicken broth, karaage, sprouts, pickled cauliflower & cucumber, lemon slice

Shoyu Shiitake $13(v*)

Vegetable Broth, Pickled Shiitake, Spring Onion, Sprouts, Fried Onion, Nori

Spicy Miso $14.5 (*v)

Veg broth, cabbage, onion, carrot, bamboo shoots, sprouts, beans        , nori and toasted chilli


24 Hour Pork Belly $3        Chicken Karaage & QP $5.5      Slow Cooked Egg $1.5

             Pickled Shiitake $2             Pickled and Toasted Chilli $2  Marinated Tofu (2P) $3

             Spring Onions $2               Bean Sprouts $2               Nori $2

             Double Noodles $3            Double Broth $3            Side of Rice $3.5

             Garlic Miso & Sesame Paste $1 Bamboo Shoots $2

Takeaways  +$0.20

*is or can be vegan


NZ Natural Gold Peach Juice $4

Our Kombucha (NZ Breakfast Tea OR Apple) $4.5

Housemade Lemonade $4

Housemade Ginger Beer $4

Karma Cola $5.5

Six Barrel Soda $5.50

Celery Tonic, Sarsaparilla

Tea $4

Tokyo Lime

Genmaicha Matcha

Sencha Organic

Emerald Chai

Peppermint Organic


Lemongrass & Ginger

Earl Grey Blueflower

English Breakfast Organic



Orion Japanese Lager (5%) $7

Garage Project “Fugazi” Low Alcohol Beer (2%) $8

Panhead “Supercharger” APA (5.7%) $9

Panhead “Port Road” Pilsner (5.5%) $9

Garage Project “Hapi Daze” Pale Ale (5.5%) $9


Steel Press “Maple and Pine” Cider (5%) $11


$9 glass  -  $50 bottle


Nobody’s Hero - Pinot Gris ‘2017’



Nobody’s Hero - Pinot Noir ‘2015’




Rosé De Provence - Rosé ‘2016’


All 3 wines are grown in Martinborough under the brand name ‘PWR’. They are sourced from Cult Wine NZ.

Japanese Whisky

Nikka from the Barrel $15

Nikka Coffey Grain $10

Suntory Kakubin $9




Ozeki No Nama - Style: Nama Chozou

“ Crisp, subtly sweet easy drinking sake”

300 ml $15


Ozeki Karatanba - Style: Hanjouzou

“ Smooth & clean with rock melon notes”

300 ml $17


Shochikubai Mio - Style: Sparkling

“Imagine champagne with sweet, subtle citrus notes”

300 ml $18


Ozeki Komatsu-Tatewaki – Style: Junmai

“A slightly dry sake, with a full bodied taste and fragrance”

720 ml $55


Ozeki Kinkan – Style: Hanjouzou

“Characterized by an optimal combination

 of sweetness and dryness”

720 ml $50


Original $7

Black Sugar $7

Brandy $ 7

Yuzu $7

Red Shiso $8

Green Tea $7


Infusions and Syrups $10

Served with Soda or Tonic

Bay Leaf & Star Anise Infused Rum

with Six Barrel Soda Sarsaparilla

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky

with Cinnamon

Lighthouse Gin Infused with Earl Grey Blueflower Tea