Jorge Nerín Garvalenaín


I began using Linux with RedHat 4.0 in 1996, since then I've also been using Gentoo, Ubuntu and Debian, basically always running Linux since then.

My career has been a journey through a lot of different tasks, but it's been always challenging and fun. I began just managing a few servers and doing some PHP programming, learned Perl and began to juggle some complex data structures of a few gigabytes to pack and produce a custom CDs (later DVDs) converted the system from linear perl to multithreaded perl and reduced the running time from ~12 hours to ~4 hours. In a side job learned some mid-low level programming to read inputs of a digital I/O card and store the values and its timestamps in a mysql database with a multithreaded C program.

My main job evolved to a kind of front-end optimizer of our main website. I put Varnish at the front, coordinated the changes needed to properly handle the new caching layer, took part in the coding of the optimizations that boosted our SEO rankings and increased our visits from about 80k/day (2008) to ~230k (2013).

At the same time I always also performed the tasks of a Linux sysadmin, tuning Apache + PHP + mysql + varnish. Operating a network of Bind servers, a mail system of Exim + clamav + SpamAssassin + fail2ban, and cyrus, plus some custom code to feed SA the SPAM dropped in a shared folder. I also setup an openvpn access so our users could connect to the office and deployed digital certificates in our externally facing services to have encrypted connections.

I love to try & tinker with new challenges and tools, being it adding a Varnish cache to a mid traffic site and seeing how it helped our users, or participating in the world IPv6 day in 2011.

I have been lucky enough to be able to have been always working with the tools I know and love.

Specialties: Linux sysadmin, Varnish, Perl, MySQL administrator, PHP, Website Optimization


Devops Linux Devops - Linux Systems Administrator, BetBright

Dublin, Ireland — April 2015 – ongoing

Working as a Linux administrator managing the Linux servers in AWS and the AWS infrastructure as well as the in house servers in VMware's VSphere. Working with Ansible, Python, Bash, etc, managing EC2, RDS, Lambda, Route 53, VSphere, Zabbix, etc.

Computer engineer, Leggio, Contenidos y Aplicaciones Informáticas, S.L.

Zaragoza, Spain — December 2000 – March 2013

Administering the office servers and network with a mix of linux servers (some virtualized using KVM/qemu/libvirt), some LTSP clients, and some windows clients. There were between four internal servers when I managed to group various services in new machines up to a dozen different servers and twenty different LTSP thin clients. Managing the external servers, housed and dedicated hosting of (~13M pageviews/month, ~5M visits/month, ~200 requests/sec) using IPv4 + IPv6. Running apache, varnish, squid, exim, cyrus, clamav, samba, openssh. Programming in PHP 4 & 5, connecting to mysql versions from 3.23 to 5.1.x. Programming with perl5 scripts to produce cds packaged with compressed gigabytes of data and a custom database engine to allow searching.


Computer Engineer, Mael coccion, s.l.u.

Zaragoza, Spain — May 2003 – June 2006 (second job while working at Leggio)

Sysadmin of various linux servers; mail, exim, cyrus imapd, apache, and LTSP with failover. Multithread low-latency Linux C programming using Comedi and mysql to a digital I/O PCI card.


Computer programmer, Sextante Net A.I.E.

Zaragoza, Spain — September 1999 – April 2000

Internship / work experience contract. Programming with PHP/FI 2, PHP 3 and mysql 3.2x in Redhat Linux environment.

Computer programmer, Zic Ingenieros de Informática Asociados S.L.

Zaragoza, Spain — September 1997 – May 1999

Internship / work experience contract; Delphi programming, Windows NT 4.0 server sysadmin and maintenance.


Computer programmer, Walthon Weir Pacific S.A.

Zaragoza, Spain — September 1996 – May 1997

Internship / work experience contract; MS Access, Novell Network, Autocad.



Independent Coursework



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