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Tanya Newton,

Clinic Date(s):

7/17/18 & 7/18/18  

10:00 - 12:00

@ Ramsey

Tryout Date:



@ Ramsey

If you missed the first clinic/tryout, here is your second chance:

Clinic - 8/22/18  2:30-4:30 & Tryout - 8/24  2:30-4:30.  


September- February

You must have a complete athletic packet turned in to Ms. French to participate.  Bring the $5.00 Insurance Fee to tryouts.

Congrats to the 2018-19 Dance Team!

Madison Abbott

Kylie Brooks

Nivea Martin

Da’Meia Higgs

Deionna Johnson

Mya Newell

Lilly Kitts

Mandatory Parent Meeting on 7’/24/18  6:00pm @ Ramsey in the cafeteria.


The mission for Ramsey Cheer & Dance is to build school spirit and promote the formation of

community throughout Ramsey Middle School. Through the accomplishment of this mission,

our cheerleaders and dancers will become strong athletes, bold leaders and positive

contributors to our community.



In order to tryout, a candidate must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

1.        Enrolled at Ramsey for the 2018-2019 school year.

2.   Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

3.   Have a current Ramsey Middle Athletic Packet on file.

4.   All paperwork submitted prior to the first day of clinic.

5.   Attend both days of clinic and Tryout Day.


Clinic & Tryouts for Cheer and Dance will be held on July 17-July 19, 2018. Candidates must attend

all 3 days. Again, all paperwork must be completed prior to the first day of clinic. On Thursday 7/19,

 candidates should arrive on time. The first 15 minutes are designated for warming up & practice.

Tryouts will be held in the gym and will be closed to parents and the public.


The members of each team will be chosen based on the following:

1.    Squad size limited to a maximum of 18 cheerleaders and ?? dancers.

2.   Judges will score on the following material performed during the tryout:

CHEER:      a.          spirit entrance                      e. sidelines

                   b.         jumps (3)                              f. dance

                        c.          Cheer                                    g. stunt

                        d.         Pep/Appearance

  DANCE:                   a.          Technique                     b.         Dance

                                            -single turn                           -memory

                                            -toe touch                             -motions

                                            -splits                                   -facials

                                            -split leap

                                            -switch leap

                                            -extras (choose:  double turn, axle, barrel)


Judges will score tryouts. Their input will be the largest factor in team decisions, but the coaches will

 make the final decision. Results of the tryouts will be posted on the school website on Friday, July 20.


Members of the Ramsey Cheer & Dance teams are expected to be examples in conduct, athleticism,

and leadership. They are expected to be “Student Athletes.” This means they are students first and

athletes second. Studies should be their top priority. Additionally, they are expected to be

faithful in attendance & participation to their required activities and maintain the skills performed

at tryouts throughout the year.

The following discipline code is in effect to ensure that all cheerleaders, dancers, and parents are aware

of the rules, the consequences for breaking the rules and that discipline will be handled in a consistent

 manner. Please read over the rules with your participant, and then sign the acknowledgement form

signifying that you have read and agree to abide by the rules and consequences presented here.

Cheerleaders & Dancers are allowed a maximum of (20) demerits per year. Cheerleaders/Dancers who

acquire a total of twenty-one (21) demerits will be subject to dismissal from the squad. Merits offset

 demerits. All demerit/merits will be issued by a coach only and will NOT be negotiated.

7 demerits =         1 game suspension

14 demerits=         2nd game suspension

21 demerits=         subject to dismissal from the team




Late to a game


Late to practice (unexcused)


And/or Extra Conditioning

Leaving practice early (unexcused)


And/or Extra Conditioning

Leaving Game early (unexcused)


Unexcused absence from game


Unexcused absence from non-game activity (ex-practice)


Not reporting an excused absence from a game


Not reporting an excused absence from a non-game activity


Failure to participate in mandatory group fundraising effort


Lack of respect to authority figure or team mate


Conduct unbecoming a cheerleader/dancer (includes unsatisfactory effort/attitude, PDA, profanity,etc.)


Uniform violation (per violation)


R & R ( In-School Suspension)


“U” in conduct


Unsatisfactory Grades:

“D” per class/per grading period

“U” per class/per grading period




Referral to office (non-dress code)


Failure to submit requested paperwork by established deadlines


Smoking, drug or alcohol use

Permanent dismissal


NOTE:  The above are guidelines for Demerits. However, demerits are given at the discretion of the coach/sponsor and are NOT negotiable.




·         Excused absences from cheerleading/dance activities would be the same as one would be excused from school. (Sickness, doctor’s appointments for current illness, severe illness of family member, or death in family)

·         Unexcused means the coach was informed of the planned absence but does not consider it excused.

·         Not reporting an excused absence means the cheerleader/dancer was a “no-show”. However, if the absence would have been excused if it had been reported, the demerits are for not reporting.






Grades:  All A’s

                      All A’s and B’s



110% Effort (fundraising, practice, assisting coach, school spirit, etc.)


Volunteering(coach elementary, clinic for elementary, etc.



 *NOTE:  Above are guidelines for issue of MERITS. However, merits are given at the discretion of the coach/sponsor.


This system goes into effect when you are chosen for the squad.  If you have any questions, feel

free to contact your coach.  Please know that we do not anticipate any problems from this wonderful

should any problems arise.






Safety is of utmost importance when performing cheer/dance skills, and in practices, pep rallies, and at games. It will be treated as such. Therefore, all skills included in these activities will be in accordance with all district and state safety guidelines.


           1.    NO stunting or tumbling without a coach present.

2.   Coaches and teammates will spot all new stunts.

3.   Coaches reserve the right at any time to change out positions in stunts.

4.   Bases are to make their flyer’s safety their priority, especially when she is in a downward motion.

5.   Every cheerleader/dancer is expected to give 100% to a stunt regardless of their position.



1.    Warming up is NOT optional. You must participate in order to cheer/dance.

2.   Wear appropriate shoes at all times. NO dancing, cheering, stunting in bare feet.

3.   NO stunting without a coach present.

4.   NO tumbling (gymnastics) without a coach present.

5.   Team members and potential team members only at practices. (Strictly enforced)

6.   All cell phones must be turned off and put away during practice.

7.   Hair must be worn away from the face.

8.   NO jewelry. (Small stud earrings only)

9.   No long fingernails.

10.  NO gum, candy or soda at practice. A water bottle is welcome!

11. Wear appropriate clothing, This includes: no midriff showing and no jeans. Tank tops and razor back

      tops are allowed. Shorts are not to be rolled up more than once.

12. To be counted as attending, you must participate in all facets of practice.

13.  You are responsible for knowing all dances, cheers, stunts learned at practice, even if you

       are not there.

14.  Practice immediately preceding a game or event is required.




Captain will work with the coaches and co-captains to prepare all aspects of cheer/dance. They will meet

 with the coaches at designated times and help plan for the school year and activities. They will lead

 during football and basketball games and at any time the team is assembled. Additionally,

they will be examples---at all times.


The spirit coordinator will work with the coaches & captain to lead the team in unity, spirit, and social

activities. They will be responsible for presenting some of the character lessons, and planning and

executing social activities during and outside of practice.


All cheerleaders seeking to be officers must have been on the squad for a full year and complete

 the application and essay questions along with an interview with the coaches.

Those desiring to be captain will create a cheer or chant for cheer or a dance for dance team. Skills must

 be incorporated and taught to the team as part of the evaluation. Those desiring to be spirit coordinator

 will prepare ideas for social event and bring to practice an icebreaker activity and a character lesson.

The team and administration will have input, but the final selection will be determined by the coaches.


All parents are expected to give support, encouragement and accountability to your cheerleader/dancer

as they work out their commitment to our team and the standards expressed in this handbook. Be

supportive and constructive toward the school, the team, and the leaders by practicing life-promoting

 attitudes and actions, and by avoiding criticism and complaining.

Parents are also expected to open in communication with the Coaches, bringing concerns to them

first. If necessary, further concern can then be addressed with the Athletic Director, then the

administration if necessary.

Additionally, they should be committed to follow through with the appropriate steps of registration,

 uniforms, camps and competitions, as well as parent involvement and volunteering for fundraisers,

social activities, or school events. They must also be willing to provide transportation to and from

 home and away games and practices.

Lastly, parents should strive to be an example in sportsmanship and support within

the school community---uplifting athletes on all sides and holding themselves and their own

athletes to the highest standards.