This document is for people to post information that can help people who are interested in replicating the Mizuno LENR experiment that has been reported in this paper by Mizuno and Rothwell:

Increased Excess Heat from Palladium Deposited on Nickel

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Materials: Reactant Nickel Mesh, and R20 Reactor

The nickel mesh is Nickel-200 99.6% purity, 0.055 mm wire × 180 mesh, dimensions 200 × 300 mm, 18 g (Inada Kanaami, Inc., part 4501) (Figs. 12, 13)

“The reactor vessel and flanges are stainless steel. The vessel is 600 mm long, diameter 114 mm, wall thickness 3.2 mm (1/8 inch). The flanges are 150 mm in diameter. Weight 20 kg. A sheath heater is axially mounted in the reactor vessel. The power supply for the heater and the gas pipe passes through one of the flanges (Fig. 16). A thermocouple is mounted on the outside of the vessel.”