Enjoy watching the first 7 videos below with your family or small group.  Then, based on the age of your kids, consider asking your family 2 questions after each video...

“What did you learn from watching the video?”

“How does God want you to respond to what you learned?”

Cafe 1040  (This is a good ministry, but most important is the first 2:30 of this 4 min video)

Unreached People Groups  2 min

Tears of the Saints  7 min (this video age 10 and up)

Church Planting Movements  6 min

Who Are the Unreached?  Piper 3 min

Lost: Unreached People of Asia  6 min

Live Dead  8 min

Would you forward the link to this document to other believers who might benefit from watching the videos together?  Then continue to fan the missions flame below…...

famous missions quotes to read and discuss as a family

missions sermons to watch or listen while you drive

prayer videos for many nations

prayer reminder daily for unreached people groups

reaching the unreached through facebook written instructions and training videos

youtube worship videos with lyrics for family worship

recommended marriage and parenting resources

Other great missions videos to watch and discuss as a family….

Issachar Initiative  3 min

You Should Know  3 min  

Prayer videos for the Middle East  

Live Dead Arab  3 min

Here Am I, Send Me- JD Greear 2 min

Why Should the Church Focus On Reaching the Unreached- Piper 3 min

You Were Made For Global Missions - Piper 2 min

Unengaged People Groups- Piper 2 min

Chad Missionary  

Asia Harvest videos do not appear in youtube’s safety mode because Muslims, etc. complain

The Missional Marriage Series- Paul Tripp

Count For Zero  Issachar Initiative- 6 videos totalling 2 hours

Joshua Project videos