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my set-up //

my hand-poked tattoos are done with prepackaged, sterile tattoo needles. i tattoo out of my home studio (or I can come to you) so i can’t always 100% guarantee that every visible surface is a pristine, medical centre-level of clean, but i do practice proper sanitization. in my studio all surfaces used are cleaned with cavicide, my tools are protected by a dental bib, everything is disposable, and i take great care in ensuring there is no cross contamination between bodies and their fluids. if you have any questions about my set-up or process, feel free to ask. i believe wholeheartedly in informed consent.

my process //

pretend this tattoo is a spell. what kind of spell do you need/what do you want it to do?

without being too woo about it i kind of think of all of my tattoos as some sort of witchcraft. i want to create original pieces made up of symbols that are important to myself as well as the bearer. this is a collaborative process. you tell me a weird story about a memory or a dream or a problem, or maybe you just give me a list of important objects/images and feelings; i’ll design something cool drawing from a whole bunch of different sources. obviously the bearer of the tattoo is allowed to do some editing (you’re the one that has to live with it!) but this process requires an open mind for it to work. Keep in mind that if you don’t like a particular design it will be posted online and parts of it may end up being used in future designs unless they’re super personal.

i believe that everyone has access to their own unique set of symbols; like just think about all of the weird shit from your life. there is no need to take imagery that doesn’t belong to you and frankly it isn’t mine to give. i will refuse to work with imagery that i believe might be culturally appropriative or otherwise oppressive. likewise, if you are someone who is uninterested in trying to navigate the world in an ethical and compassionate manner I am probably not the artist for you. if you are a member of a cultural group to which i do not belong and would like a tattoo using imagery that belongs to said cultural group, i would encourage you to seek out a tattoo artist who can ethically work with said imagery and give them your money instead.

due to the time-consuming nature of hand-poked tattoos, i usually don’t do specific requests; i want to tattoo my own artwork! close pals are an exception so long as the request meets the above criteria, especially if it fits my ~aesthetic.

pricing //

*last updated Feb. 28, 2019*

prices are sliding scale to accommodate varying incomes. obviously if you want to pay me more i’d be super grateful/wouldn’t say no! my rate is $90 to $120/hr unless otherwise noted on specific flash designs. before starting work on a design or booking your appointment i will need a deposit of $50 up front.

contact //


on twitter and instagram: @ihaveasickness