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All Team Mentors (Trainers, Coaches, Selectors, Managers etc) must

  • Fixture Regulations
  • Playing Rules
  • Presentation of Games - Home Venue
  • Fixtures / Postponements
  • Transfers
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  • Trophies


It is mandatory that all players taking part in GAA competitions and training activities are

registered members of the GAA. All registered members are covered under

the GAA Injury Scheme.

Bantry Blues Juvenile Club cannot allow any unregistered players take part in club

activity as the player would not have the mandatory player injury cover prescribed

 by the GAA.

Mentors must ensure that they do not play unregistered players as the club will not

be in a position to provide Insurance cover for unregistered players. Also, allowing

unregistered players take part in training from the 31st March will have to be


All Team Managers must ensure they receive an up to date membership listing for their

 team prior to commencing their fixtures and continue to update this list until all eligible

players are registered.

Mentors must ensure 

  • Helmets must be worn when hurling. “No helmet, no hurling.”
  • Gum shields must be worn playing football. “No gum shield, no football.”

Failure to comply with Helmet/ Gum Shield requirement, will render any claim invalid

All mentors & committee members must be paid up members of Bantry Blues.

The mandatory scheme provides benefits to members playing Hurling & Gaelic Football  who are registered with the scheme, and also to accredited club personnel performing designated duties in connection with the activities of Clubs registered in the Scheme. (Mentors, Volunteers, Committee members)

The Injury Scheme is funded entirely from Club and GAA funds with no outside (e.g. insurance) involvement. There is no legal obligation on the GAA to provide such a Scheme.

Risk is an inherent factor in sport, as in life. When members voluntarily take part in Club Activities, they accept the risks that such participation may bring. Legal representation is not required and there is strictly no Legal Expenses Cover amongst the benefits provided.

The Injury Scheme does not seek to compensate fully for injury but to supplement other Schemes such as Personal Accident or Health Insurance. The Scheme only provides cover for unrecoverable losses up to the limit specified under the scheme.

Ultimately, the responsibility to ensure that adequate cover is in place lies with the individual member, commensurate with his/her specific needs.

Scope 1. The scheme applies to:

1.1 Players on a team registered with the Scheme who incur accidental injury while playing Hurling, Gaelic Football, Handball or Rounders only, either:

(a) in the course of an official competitive game or a challenge game or

 (b) in the course of an official and supervised team training session.

1.2 Match officials i.e. referees, linesmen or umpires injured whilst officiating at an official game of Hurling, Handball, Gaelic Football or Rounders as specified in 1.1 above

1.3 Voluntary coaches, team managers, selectors and members of official team parties injured during games or training as specified in 1.1 above

1.4 Members performing designated duties under request/instruction of a Club Officer, in a strictly voluntary capacity, on GAA property or on property under the exclusive use of the GAA.

All teams must be registered in the Scheme which operates from 1st January to 31st December annually.

To make a claim the incident must be reported and a claim form completed on which it is necessary to insert membership number.


Injury Scheme - In the event of a player sustaining an injury the following procedures must be adhered to:

  • Injury received at Match:  Inform the referee of your injury and give the referee your name. If the injury only becomes apparent after the match then inform your manager immediately who must contact the referee with your name and details of your injury in order to have it submitted with the referees match report.
  • If the injury is sustained at training inform your manager. The manager will then inform the relevant club personnel.
  •  A player must attend a doctor or dentist in order to validate an injury claim (please read exceptions and limitations below). A GP or hospital/private clinic doctor will suffice.
  • The Injury form must be submitted to Willis within 60 days of the injury irrespective of whether or not the injury treatment is complete. Failure to comply with this will render the claim null and void. In order to meet the 60 day requirement, all injury claims must be submitted to the club for processing within 30 days of the injury, to allow sufficient time for both the club and county board to process and forward to Willis.

All queries and correspondence relating to any claim must be made through the Injury Liaison Officer.: Pat O’Grady


Gaa Injury Scheme Explained :

Claim Form

How to make a Claim

Also Unregistered Players are ineligable to take part in sanctioned fixtures:Penalty: The Penalty for playing a non-registered player shall be: On a proven Objection - Award of Game to the Opposing Team.

Club Sponsors: Bantry Blues is very lucky to have the support of seven generous sponsors who have agreed a 3 year programme with the club. No Team Mentor or Team Member is authorised to seek further support from our sponsors or to seek out additional Sponsorship partners without first receiving permission from our Senior Club Chairman.

Mentors are asked to acknowledge and promote our Sponsors at all possible opportunities.

Please ensure that when submitting Match reports that your team sponsor is mentioned.

Juvenile Club

Murray Brothers Painters U8s/U10s & U12s

O’Keeffes Supervalu

U14s/U16s & Minors

Ladies Club

Bantry Bath & Tile

The Quays Bar

Senior Club

The Maritime Hotel

Bantry Credit Union

The Boston Bar

  • Fixture Regulations
  •        Team list for each game must contain the player's name, date of birth    and place of  birth in Irish (per Coiste na nÓg Rule 7)
  • All Clubs are to play in their registered club colours. Where a clash of colours occurs both teams are obliged under General Rule to change,unless where both clubs are in agreement on an alternative arrangement.
  • a team may commence a game with thirteen players but shall have fielded fifteen players. Inclusive of players ordered off or retired injured, by the start of the second half.  In the event of failure to comply with this, the game shall continue.  (Rial 2.2 Rules of Specification).
  •   Similarly in 12 aside competitions, a team with 10 for the second half then the game should be allowed continue, with the winning team being the side that wins out the fixture and are awarded the points.  Should a situation arise whereby a team can only field 9 for the second half, the game can still continue but the points are automatically awarded to the side with a full twelve. In such circumstances the team with more than 12 players available may, with the permission of the referee, make unlimited substitutions during the second half of the game.
  • For Coiste na nÓg purposes the Team Officials of Coiste na nÓg teams   other than Fe 18 and 16 shall be recognised as the official officers. Clubs shall notify the Board of it's Under- Age Committee Officers and delegates within four weeks of Coiste na nÓg convention.  All  correspondence for Fe 18 and 16 teams shall be signed by the club      Runaí.  All correspondence for Fe 15, 14,13,12,11 teams shall be  signed by the under-age club Runaí, except for team lists which shall  be signed by the team Runaí..
  • All players must be under 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, and 11 years respectively on the 1st January of current year of competition.
  •  In cases of teams found guilty of breaking over-age rule the following penalties apply:
  • (i) Leagues-loss of all points up to and including the match in which the offence was committed.
  • (ii)         Championships-Disqualification from all championships in which the player or players competed.
  • Challenge Games: (Rule 6.39) All Challenge games require the permission of the Board ( Central / West). Challenge games which have not been advised to the board are not considered to be sanctioned activities and therefore may not be covered under the player injury scheme. Responsibility lies with the Team Manager to ensure details of fixture are given to club secretary to email to Central / West board secretary

Date & Time of Fixture


Age Grade



Contact Person

  •  Presentation of Games:  ( Home Games)      
  • (a)     All pitches to be properly lined and flagged
  • (b)     National Flag to be flown for all League games.
  • (c)     All teams in all League games should be numbered properly and Clubs are requested to dress uniformly, i.e., Matching socks and  shorts.

  • All games to be played in accordance with the official Fixture      Calendar.
  • All fixtures once ratified at a Board Meeting may not be altered or       postponed except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Home Team is responsible for texting the score of the game to the Runaí. Where a game is played at a neutral venue, BOTH teams are to ring /text the result.
  •  Clubs are responsible for their players, mentors and supporters     behaviour towards the referee and opposing Club members.
  • Urinating in the Playing Pitch/sidelines is not allowed and there is an automatic fine of €100 per offence committed.
  • Clubs are encouraged to have their fixtures agreed with their opponents  prior to a Board Meeting.  Where a difficulty arises, the Board Secretary should be informed as soon as possible.  In the absence of a club delegate at a Board meeting the opposing team has the right to  nominate the date and time for all fixtures at that meeting or the C.C.C.  shall then fix the game.
  • Where there is a First Round losers round in the Championship, when a   team has two defeats they are out of the Championship.
  • That all championship Games and league finals be played on enclosed       and neutral venues as far as possible.
  • Postponement of Games:
  • Request for postponement of a League fixture to be made in writing or via e-mail by the club secretaries email account only, directly to the Rúnaí at least 5 days prior to the original league fixture. When a postponement is sought a definite date must be agreed by both sides for the re-fixture and submitted with the request for the postponement.
  •  For failure to fulfil any fixture, a Club will be fined €50. Referee's expenses will be paid by the offending Club.
  • (a)     Where a Club fails to fulfil TWO games in the same competition
  •           they shall be ruled out of that competition, and will incur a  €50 fine in respect of each outstanding game.

Where a league is not completed by the deadline, (10th Sept. Central  and 15th Sept. Regions) a team be nominated.  That team would partake  in the league to conclusion and if successful would be declared league  champions and would not have to defend the title in their own region subsequently

Schools /College Fixtures

To facilitate Munster Colleges / Vocational games during October to February, club games should not take place on   Monday / Tuesday / prior to the Colleges / Vocational games.  If the Colleges / Vocational fixture is made for a Thursday or Friday, the clubs of the players representing the College / Vocational school must make a fixture within 48 hours of the College / Vocational fixture.Where a College / Vocational fixture takes place on a Monday /Tuesday the club fixture for the prior weekend must stand.  Exceptions for College / Vocational team(s) in Munster Semi Finals and beyond can be agreed provided the Chairman and Secretary of the relevant boards agree and the clubs involved agree a re-fixture within the following four weeks.

Affiliations / Entry Fees

  • Any club or team not having paid its previous year's entry fees (or fines) shall not be accepted for entry to the leagues or championship in  hurling or football the following year in any Coiste na nÓg competition..


  •    Accepting applications for Transfer below, this shall be considered at any meeting of the County Committee, no application shall be considered unless received after January 1st and in the case of:
  • A player over the age of 16 not later than the County Committee Meeting on the Last Tuesday in January.
  • A player under the age of 16 - not later than the last day of February.
  • A player who has not taken part in any official or trophy competition in the previous number of weeks stipulated  below:
  • A player over the age of 16 - 96 weeks.
  •  A player eligible for Under 16 and Younger Grades - 48 weeks.

The Establishment of an Coiste na nÓg Transfer Adjudication Committee

All under age transfer applications will be made to Coiste na nÓg for consideration. Adjudications can be made by Coiste na nÓg on applications that are in accordance with General Rule and County Committee Bye Law.

  • In the event of Coiste na nÓg referring a case to the Transfer Adjudication Committee, this Sub-Committee must adjudicate and make recommendations, to Coiste na nÓg within a specified time.
  • The Coiste Chontae Chorcai Transfer Adjudication Committee's recommendations will be made to Coiste na nÓg on an individual case basis and decisions are to be taken in isolation and without the creation of precedent which may affect any of its future decisions or findings.
  • If difficult Transfer applications cases involving extenuating circumstances remain unresolved, they are to be referred to Coiste Chontae Chorcai for final adjudication, in the shortest possible time.

Amalgamations :Independent Minor, Under 16 and Lower Age Teams


  • Applications to field an Independent Minor,Under 16 and or Under 14 team to be made annually with all relevant details supplied with application, i.e., number of players completed with date of birth from each of the participants.
  •  In the case of any club involved in an Independent Minor, Under 16 and or Under 14 team, all its players shall play only with that one  Independent Minor, Under 16 and or Under 14 team, and may not be split up by forming more than one  Independent Minor, Under 16 and  or Under 14 team.
  •  In the case of two clubs forming an Independent, Under 16 and or         Under 14 team, the same clubs shall be allowed to join together to form an Independent Minor team two years later.  Clubs forming The Independent Under 16 and or Under 14 team shall not be allowed to change to join with other clubs in an Independent Minor Team  Formation.

          Rule 6.4 (1) Permission was given once again for this derogation where    "isolated player" can play with another club. (Report Árd Comhairle         Meeting 11/02/'12)


  • Winning teams be compelled to return all trophies won in the previous season before June 1st of the following year or one month prior to the final for which the trophy is required whichever is the earlier. All trophies to be returned in presentation condition. The expense involved by the Board in repairing or replacing through damage or loss of any trophies shall be borne by the club concerned.
  •  Failure to comply with bye-law 39 shall result in a €50 fine being imposed on the defaulting club for each outstanding trophy for each defaulting week.
  • The expense incurred by the Board in repairing or replacing through       damage or loss of any trophy shall be borne by the club concerned.      

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